Saint Lucia Records New Strides In Regional Exports

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Export Saint Lucia continues its efforts to assist Saint Lucian producers in entering new markets and strengthening their presence in existing markets.

Tasked with this mandate, technical officers from the Agency recently embarked on a regional trade mission with the overall objective of sourcing and solidifying markets for fresh agricultural products.

Market research has shown that there is regional demand for Saint Lucian products including fresh produce across the Caribbean.

The trade mission’s objective also meshed well with the Government’s increased focus on expanding regional markets for locally produced crops including bananas and cacao.

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The recent trade mission has proved successful, with recommitments by one country to purchase Saint Lucian produce once more, as well as new agreements with a major buyer on another island to make regular orders for Saint Lucian produce.

Export Saint Lucia has already facilitated one shipment to that buyer and is working on similar arrangements with other buyers. While there the officers also looked into the possibilities and potential for non-agri products and discussions are ongoing with prospective buyers.

Export Saint Lucia’s Chief Executive Officer, Sunita Daniel, shares the view that ‘the Caribbean region remains an extremely attractive market for Saint Lucian exports. Several Saint Lucian products are already on shelves across the region. Export Saint Lucia is pleased that agri-products from Saint Lucia are being enjoyed in even more parts of the region’.

Daniel added that the Agency continues to work closely with the Ministries of Commerce and Agriculture, in particular, to ensure that the collective mandate of the Government is realized through a unified effort.

These new arrangements signal great benefits for local exporters, specifically agri-exporters.

Agriculture Minister Hon. Alfred Prospere has expressed his pleasure with these new developments, citing the increased benefits for hardworking Saint Lucian farmers.

The Minister continued that the importance of trade within our region cannot be underestimated as in many instances our sister islands are our biggest trade partners.

Source: Export Saint Lucia. Headline photo: Internet stock image

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  1. In 2020 from the local press: “Banana shipments have now been reduced to one container of banana boxes per week: some 1,000 boxes. Shipments over the last two years moved from 12 containers to 7 to 5 and now to 1.”

    Note that 460 boxes is less than a container load. We have ALOT more work to do, but every effort needs to be lauded.

  2. What is wrong with our people? Rejoicing 400 boxes of bananas, it’s like st Lucian’s can’t understand, who many farmers will sell off this 400 boxes , you know what? It’s a waste of time when you sit and listen to our people talk … it’s a shame, the truth is in their eyes but are blinded, it’s time you all put politics aside a look at the important things that will move our country forward

    • You all are so blinded by politics!!! Set politics aside and really look at st Lucia , back in the day politicians go into politics leave broke , now as soon as they step foot in politics they get big houses, land , vehicles and so on , where is the justice for the job we put them in there to do ? Be it SLP or UWP? Tell me? Like now things so tight why not cut on their allowances? Not even the salary, watch how they move ….. and yet still we talk shit to each other, focus and stop being blinded

  3. what is the several products on the shelves? baron foods? that has been the case for donkey years. your reporters must learn to ask probing questions. they need a proper journalism degree where other people dont get to do their homework for them and where they actually phycically sit in a proper school.

    • I kind of agree with Shame. Seems like a politician wrote this using enticing words like “several” and “a shipment”. Define several in terms of numbers plz. Define shipment in terms of value to our local producers. I know it is Easter but yol dont have to be speaking in parables….just give the facts and figures. No wonder the board members of dem organizations are straight dumb…huge square pegs in tiny round holes.

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