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Updated on June 2, 2020 10:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 10:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 10:26 am

Saint Lucia Records Ninth COVID-19 Case – Local Transmission Confirmed

Press Release:– The Chief Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Sharon Belmar-George, on Sunday, March 29, provided an update on COVID-19.

“On March 29, the Ezra Long Laboratory at the Owen King EU Hospital reported a total of five new cases of COVID-19.

This now brings the total number of COVID-19 cases recorded nationally to nine,” she said.

While four out of the five cases all have a travel history to either New York, Barbados, or Dominica, the fifth case is that of a 74-year-old female with no travel history, or known contact with anyone with a travel history.

“Given that case five has no travel history or known contact with anyone with travel history, this confirmed case points to the existence of local transmission,” Dr. Belmar said. “Aggressive tracing of the contacts of these cases is currently underway by health teams dispatched to the communities of interest.”

Last week, Saint Lucia commenced national testing for COVID-19. This allows for an increase in the number of persons tested, the Chief Medical Officer explained, adding that all tests for COVID-19 are free of charge.


  1. What I and most rational persons have been thinking has been confirmed. Stay safe fellow st.lucians this where things will get really scary

  2. Things can’t get anymore serious than this,a 74yo with no travel history or contact with anyone with,…mind you this person also does not mingle as an average person,can just imagine what is out there….my ppl we all need to follow the guidelines and take heed,keep the distancing,washing of hands for atleast 20 secs with clean water and soap,hand sanitizers,avoid social gatherings,do not leave homes unless u need to get essentials and do so with awareness and precaution.stop being selfish and think of your family,your love ones,your neighbours and your fellow citizens with all due respect..we are too small of a nation to absorb any impact from this infectious disease…pray for our nation more time for any sort of criticism unto authorities,they have played their part of keeping us abreast and giving us the best advice from their disposal.

  3. Is now the party start. Expect an explosion of cases now that is being tested more quickly. And remember the affected can show no symptoms. Be weary.

  4. When hard headed people don’t learn they feel. Some of us believe that all what is happening is a big lucians just don’t give a **** about anything, we the police, doctors, nurse’s, and all essential workers have family too. And we all need to be safe as well.

  5. People, let’s pray to God for strength, because we are going to need it. Parents when leaving the home, leave the little children at home, if you are going out, do it as quickly as possible.

  6. It’s more than that. All the stiff upper lippers are not included in this data and we know they travel more than everybody else but you think they would go to Starfish you must be mad . I know of so many people who boiling ginger with bay leaves and orange peel. The local remedy and fighting it from home sad to say by weeks end their data will say 20. You could not have plane loads from the UK and only end up with 9. Remember most people did not show symptoms when they pass thru the airport they drop the virus are long gone or still here it’s just about 14 days approaching now.

  7. Please do all u can 2 keep our island safe ,and dont lie 2 my people.we have a ligel Write2 know wats going in st.lucia,,.again a small poplation u dealing with,,.we are all in this togeather ..dont Wipe out our nation..

  8. We seems disregard the facts that this thing is largely erupted whenever you pass from one point to the next neglecting to wear your protective gear each time I pass with my mask the very same drivers would scream and shout corana corana yet theyre the ones whos picking up monies from all passenger and redistributing it no mask no gloves we are all doomed in this crisis if the country refuses to shut down all bussinesses and mode of transportation completely put youll mask on at least… if you choose to be stubborn when going outside to play to hang out put youll mask on and youll gloves this is gaing speed over night like a hurricane

  9. Nationals coming in from the US & UK should be transported to quarantine as they get to the ports.. but no, they’re allowed to go h ok me and have a nice time..

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