Saint Lucia Records Second Fatal Road Accident For 2020

Mon Repos resident Theresa Jules died Wednesday morning following a collision between two vehicles at Micoud, law enforcement officials have confirmed.

Videos of the aftermath of the incident were posted on social media.

It’s the second fatal road accident for the year so far.

According to reports, Jules, 49, was pronounced dead about 8.05 am after being rushed to St Jude Hospital.

Emergency officials had reported that she was unresponsive after a collision between a Suzuki Vitara and a Mercedes-Benz car.

Two male individuals were seriously injured in the collision and were transported to hospital via ambulance, the emergency officials told St Lucia Times.



      • You sound like a jackass from jackass Town. How insensitive of you piece of ****. He has a wife and child too. U wasn’t even there to know whether he was at fault or not. Driving fault always concludes that ure at fault? Ure probably uneducated and it makes no sense arguing with such a low life. I pray ure not next.

  1. Hey now no one said it was his fault but less speed im sure wuf hv lightened up the impact u all sound like a bunch of jackass

  2. Hey Jackass Now nobody saying it was his fault but the rate of speed and overtaking. IT WAS DESTINED so hold your ass. “He has a wife and kids” So do I and everybody else on the road. Obviously he was not thinking of them. Again condolences to the young lady family but as far as he is concerned he need to hold his ***.

  3. Don’t attack lucian highgrade
    Them drivers drive too fast and overtake anyway
    Now he has killed someone due to his stupid behavior

  4. This is very unprofessional behavior to be reading those insults being hurled at each other, we are not the only ones reading those articles, but kids and foreigners and kids do as well, but we continue to carry on as kids who are supposed to know better. If you cannot be anything else, be professional!

  5. This should be a lesson learned for everyone..every driver…you don’t need to be driver to see the wreckless driving that they do…his own friends say that he indeed was not cautious of the speed or where he overtook….as a driver they teach you that the moment you leave your lane you are at fault. So It has already happened yes it’s true and it is something that he alone now has to deal with as it haunts when you don’t intend to take a life…yes he has a wife and child…but more than one family has been affected…the driver of the jeep was just giving a ride to the lady…he is surely affected as well…so when you guys out there spouting opinions in “YOUR POINT OF VIEW” the fact remains…he was wreckless, all three individuals has relatives, he never intended to kill someone, wreckless driving kills!!

  6. Smh ….I loved your point
    The others has to think about both party
    Everyone knows he drives fast
    Yes no one saw what actually happened but we cant just say he has a wife and child like the others dont
    Let’s just pray for him to recover

  7. The point of the matter is, u don’t go wishing someone the worse when the may have caused something like this. Because everyone makes dumb choices it doesn’t mean that they have to hold their ass because just like everyone else they have a family.

    So all the perfect patties, who do no wrong and are all going to heaven, the man doesnt deserve to die because he was reckless. That’s far more to say for someone with intention.

    So everyone missed the point that I was merely responding to one person who said hold your ass to someone anyone whether or not they were reckless.

    I hope and pray everyone here ask for forgiveness for their sinless wrongless, perfect lives because I guess u all are perfect.

    But then again I’m pretty sure everyone here is small minded and that’s how small minded ppl talk. So let me stop engaging.

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