Saint Lucia Records Second Homicide For 2022

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Saint Lucia recorded its second homicide for 2022 with the shooting death of a man at Rocky Lane, Dennery.

Law enforcement officials told St Lucia Times the shooting occurred about 3:25 pm Sunday and identified the victim as Josher Vidal, 23.

An ambulance conveyed him to the Dennery Hospital where a medical practitioner pronounced him dead.

Earlier in the day, residents of Roseau discovered the body of a man on the ground in the community.

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Police disclosed that the deceased, identified as Darrel Francois, also known as Dale, had sustained gunshot wounds.

According to the officials, people found the body about 7:40 am.

In addition to the two homicides, police are also investigating a shooting incident at Ravine Macock, Monchy, Gros Islet on Sunday about 2:00 pm.

Sources say a man in his thirties was sitting under a bus shelter when a lone gunman alighted from a vehicle and opened fire, hitting him multiple times in the leg.

A private vehicle transported the injured man to the hospital, according to information.

There are no further details at present.





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Editorial Staff
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  1. Batchoozot you sound like an arsewhole,aren’t you aware that the gov’t themselves always make promises of curbing crimes in their campaigns…and that they will do better than the gov’t of the day…so why not hold them responsible?

  2. Were you there when your commander ‘ti corcut’ gave law officies orders to kill the two innocent brothers from grande Rivière ?
    Well their voices and many others are calling through out the country !
    So people and nation don’t blame no one, please bear in mind,we are paying for :
    Yet he do not leave the guilty unpunished ;he punishes the children for the sins of the (fathers)to the third and fourth generations.
    So understand this !

  3. Everytime a crime takes place on the island the fools calling on the government …mwen lass epi cest moun inyoyant sa la

  4. Then to the acused : Is the earth to be abandoned for your sake ?
    Men that turn night into day ;in the face of darkness they say, ‘Light is near.
    They say corruption, ‘You are my father’
    and to the worm,’my mother’or my
    Where is your hope ?
    Or who can see any hope for you ?

    “May the lamp of the wicked be snuffed out :
    the flamme of their fire stops burning.
    The light 💡 in his tent becomes dark ;.
    the lamp besides them goes out.
    The vigor of their steps be weakened ;
    his own schemes throw them down.
    Their feet thrust into its net
    and wanders into its mesh.
    A trap will seizes them by the heel ;
    a snare will hold them fast.
    A noose is hidden for them on the ground ;
    a trap lies in their paths.
    Terrors startle them on every side
    and dog their their every step.
    Calamity is hungry for them ;
    disaster is ready for them when they falls !!

  5. Lol@Vfort man…attacking and shooting at police is not an issue in st.lucia…what a waste of resources you’re requesting.

  6. Why hasn’t a minister of national security been appointed yet. If we do things right and fair they’d be no loggerheads as to who the right person is. Qualification and experience should be key. Some climb to the highest ranks without so much as a certificate and expect to be handed a post.

  7. We need a more military service type of police bigger guns bullet proof vehicles etc more funding for the police officers we also need a anti corruption bill.

  8. Ah well, Meanwhile The ugly lady – forgot her name from Babonneau said her govt is “Putting in Place Mechanisms to deal with crime” I still waiting for a journalist to fo ask her about the Mechanisms. Oh maybe Hold a Press Conference


  10. That’s not the second that’s the third, they killed an old woman at the start of the year and it was for 20 dollars smh.

  11. Welcome to the shooting gallery of St. Lisi. Are we at 100 murders for the year yet? What’s taking us so long?
    The minister of insecurity is just another comical player in the brutal game of survival. I would love to hear him/her/it say something about the situation… anything.

  12. Oh SLP’s your lagging concern is precedent and other can match with you when it come’s to being irresponsible…your pressence makes criminals more emboldened…can you imagine some thugs beating,robbing and cutting a man’s dreads in the very pressence of a high ranking district representative with his pistol always pon-cork and he stood right there and did or say nothing…smh!..expect nothing less St.lucia,the chickens are coming home to roost

  13. @Not a Hypocrite Ministers are responsible for policy and Public Servants are responsible for policy implementation. The day to day running of government agencies are the responsibility of the head of departments.

  14. Yes, @Depopulation, now you asking where is the commissioner. Before now like you I was asking where was Hermangild Francis, the minister of National Security. Now I am still asking where is the Minister of National Security. I am no hypocrite.

  15. Where is the police commissioner? We are waiting for him to walk the affected communities for the killings and shootings to miraculously stop.

  16. The police need to increase their detection rate….. It is one thing to omit a shooting where one dies but is another if we can not have the actor to face his day in court.

  17. Here we go again the Homicides Have Commence .Unknown assailant no Arrest .The Sad thing about it theres no big Fuss about these Homicides by the Minister of National Security

  18. Just like you said Pierre a corrupted government begets a corrupted nation yet there is a cover up going on with the crime here, it remains unsolved and you know why, cause there are criminals in your administration you give promotions so now thats reflecting in our country now, just pure corruption. Now you playing you a Christian but that is way overdue

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