Saturday, February 22, 2020

Saint Lucia Records Third Road Death For 2020

Saint Lucia’s road death toll climbed to three so far for the year with the death of a motorcyclist.

Burt Papius, 37, succumbed Wednesday night  about 8.00 pm following an accident at Praslin hours earlier Wednesday morning.

The Dennery resident’s motorcycle is reported to have run off the road as he journeyed to work at a tyre shop in Mon Repos, relatives told St Lucia Times.

He was taken to hospital via ambulance.

Papius was the father of two young girls.

Relatives said he loved motorcycles.


  1. Many people love motor cycles, but motor cycles do not love them back in return. The amount of people that I have read about in my country that have been killed via the motor cycle is nothing short of amazing, and yet………..!

    • The bikers taking a fast ride into the afterlife. May the bikers who have left us, and those bikers who will eventually die on the road, rest in peace.

  2. Helena
    U went to school n yet ur english is junk, do not love them BACK IN RETURN go away EVERYONE HAS THEIR PASSION N EVERYONE HAS THEIR DAY TO GO 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

  3. We all love bikes,the adrenaline rush we get from the speed,the wind hitting our face,the freedom we believe we have ,the noise from our machine,the attention we get from those standing by,we hate those helmets that hide our face.We are all machos on our bikes,sppeding and we all love it,we are intoxicated and dont think.
    Our island dosent have proper roads,for bikes and speed,All my profesional bikers friends allways say the same.I started thinking about my children long time ago,I want to see them grow,I dont want them to bury me.Hard decision to make but a sign of maturity.

    • Castries Fisherman, Burt was someone who always wore his helmet when he rides his bike. You can never see him without it. It was unfortunate that he lost too much blood due to the ambulance not coming to his aid on time.

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