Saint Lucia Records Three New COVID-19 Cases

Press Release:- On Thursday, July 2, 2020 Saint Lucia recorded three positive cases of COVID-19.

The individuals are a 44 year old female, a 32 year old male and a 36 year old female; all returning nationals   who previously worked on cruise lines.

Upon return to Saint Lucia in June, they were all placed in institutional quarantine and were tested in keeping with the testing strategy for repatriated cruise line workers.

Upon receipt of these results all three individuals have been transferred to the        Respiratory Hospital for isolation and related supportive care.

They are all currently doing well.

The risk to people in quarantine and the staff of the facility is assessed as low given  the infection prevention and control guidelines in place at the state managed quarantine sites.  

These recently confirmed cases again prove the importance of quarantine as a measure to minimize the risk of transmitting COVID -19 to protect the health of every individual       within our country.

We once again appeal that everyone supports our national effort to minimize the threat of COVID -19 by adhering to the protocols that have been put in place.

 We recognise that many of the measures put in place may seem inconvenient to the public, however we strive to ensure public health and safety.

We continue to advise on the importance of maintaining the standard recommendations for infection prevention and control  which include:

  • regular hand washing with soap and water or alcohol based hand sanitizer where soap and water is not available
  • cover mouth and nose  with disposable tissues or clothing when coughing and sneezing.
  • using a mask when in public along with maintaining the six feet physical distance

The Ministry of Health shall continue to  provide further updates on COVID-19.



  1. We in St Lucia have to change their mind set… covid-19 is there to stay some people just talking things that is not making no sense and listening to the so called people that educating them.

  2. I want to know wants about st lucia nationals in dominica who wants to travel back in their homeland. What are they doing about that.we have a few waiting to travel back home because it hard on them with the rent and no work

  3. so these people should ask themselves; how many people did we send home with this corona to spread when we were not testing everyone in quarantine?

    • do you know how many people went home after not being tested in quarantine to spread the virus? can you answer that “No”

  4. Some people have been prematurely raising the victory flag for Covid 19. Even taking credit for what is not a done deal. Let’s not be too hasty for the battle is unfolding . This is not close to being done. If they do proceed with opening for tourism, that’s inviting exposure of the maids and other hotel workers to possible infection, hence the multiplication to family, friends, neighbors, village…etc.
    No plan is full proof and eventually if you let them in, it will happen. It will only be a matter of time.

    • Truth is the authorities have always said they do expect cases but so far what is good is good. If tomorrow we got 1000 cases doesn’t change the fact that we have done well today. Wether we open for tourist or not the truth is st Lucians wil and are going to travel out to return and Lucians away will return home. Can u continue to keep quarantine for numbers that will get into thousands. I’ve always been more concerned about returning nationals than tourist. Yes staff will come into contact with them but wat about a returning national mixing with us the way we are so blatantly disregarding social protocols

  5. Noone leaves quarantine before going through the phases first of all. That’s why we need to respect the place and not try to sneak out or sneak into the place. Hence more reason for the fencing of the area to better protect it. It bothers some people that noone has died here from covid, I rather just be thankful amd watchful. For some people their hate for chastnet is greater than their love for this land of St lucia.

  6. So the great thinkers of this country namely Dr Stephen King and Senator Adrian Augier have been lambasting the decisions taken. The good Senator only Wednesday said the country is Covid free and the government should open the borders without those stringent protocols.
    Well now… One day later…. Three new cases.
    Oh you wise men who first seek to deceive take a rest please.

  7. I have heard this news and I am so disheartened. It means that the people on that ship together with these three must be monitored for an additional two weeks to make sure they have not caught anything that can show up later. Some doctors were even saying that due to the nature of the disease, 14 days quarantine may not be enough. To meet the challenge, we need to make sure that this group is indeed COVID free before letting them back into the community. so I would say an additional 2 weeks for them and one last covid test again.

  8. For the past Months Persons Coming in from the Cruise Ship are being Tested positive For Corona Virus .St.Lucia will have an Outbreak in That Covid 19 Epedemic .I hope the Health Authorities prepare for that .Persons Come in and out of St.Lucia Illegally everyday .

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