Saturday, February 22, 2020

Saint Lucia Reparations Committee Back On Track

Press Release:- The Saint Lucia National Reparations Committee (NRC) has started 2020 with pledges to focus this year on implementing New Tasks for a New Decade, to ensure better public understanding and wider engagement in Reparations activities nationally, while increasing Saint Lucia’s participation in regional activities of the CARICOM Reparations Commission (CRC).

The NRC held two meetings on January 29 and February 7, attended by representatives of member organizations, which include the Folk Research Center (FRC), the Archaeological & Historical Society (A&HS), the Iyanola Rastafari Improvement Association (IRIA) and the National Youth Council (NYC), as well as the Government of Saint Lucia (GOSL).

The meetings discussed proposals for a Plan of Action for 2020 that include a continuation of the series of Secondary School and Community Reparations Lectures, as well as a proposed International Symposium on Sir Arthur Lewis.

The NRC also plans to revive earlier plans to observe the UN-designated Decade for People of African Descent, host a Regional Reparations Workshop for Youth in March, launch a regional ‘Renaming Project’ and start work on making Saint Lucia’s Case for Reparations from Britain and the European Union for Slavery and Native Genocide.

Meanwhile, members reiterated their collective commitment to continue promoting and pursuing the Reparations cause and the CARICOM Ten Point Plan for Reparatory Justice, regardless of the continuing challenges of operating without a budget.

The NRC was established in 2013 and current members are: Earl Bousquet (Chairman), Ambassador Dr. Elma Gene Isaac (Government of Saint Lucia), Louise Victor (Folk Research Center), Laurent Jn Pierre (Archaeological & Historical Society), Aaron Alexander (Iyanola Council for Advancement of Rastafari), Wisely Tafari, Nkrumah Lucien and Priest Kailash.

Earl Bousquet

Chairman, Saint Lucia NRC


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