Saint Lucia Resumes Banana Exports To The United Kingdom

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by Geraldine Bicette-Joseph

At a Sitting of the House of Assembly, the Minister for Agriculture stated that the fortunes of Saint Lucia’s banana industry were changing for the better.

“I am pleased to report that we have recommenced the shipment of bananas to the UK for the past nine weeks. To date we were able to restore production levels to our contractual obligations of 2000 boxes a week as of the end of July 2022. The hard work and commitment of our farmers, field officers, the Banana Task Force and the NFTO has paid off.”

The minister added that there was still work to be done.

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“The UK banana market is highly competitive. Once you lose your spot on the market shelves it becomes an uphill battle to regain that position. Farmers, we must focus on keeping with international standards in order to gain competitive advantage.

He continued: “The banana industry is significantly impacted by the high fuel prices. We are restricted by the limited shipping options available to us in the region. On average our bananas take 21 days to reach the UK, while our competitors can export theirs to the UK in 12 to 18 days. The extended journey time can result in quality issues for our bananas. I think it is now time for us to explore all of our shipping options in an effort to reduce costs and travel time.”

The Sitting of the House took place on Tuesday, Aug. 9.

Source: Government Information Service. Headline photo: Stock image.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. the banana farmers doing all the hard work but the field officers, the Banana Task Force and the NFTO Getting all the big pay

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  4. This is remarkable and very important, but not just bananas, all crops and vegetables which we should not depend on other countries, because in due times from now,we will be in anguish and perplexity,so let’s start growing.

  5. The FAR vans and small buses I saw passing all during January and the rest of this year with boxes of bananas on them heading towards the wharf, where were these bananas going to. Or was it something else being exported in banana boxes.

    • In January the vans with the bananas were for Antigua, Trinidad and St. Kitts, we were not exporting to the UK as yet nor was the prices for inputs so high.
      St. Lucia only started exporting 9 weeks ago to the UK . I Hope you the quality claims which plague the association don’t show its ugly face, and the farmers have learnt their lessons, and not put the entire trade in jeopardy.
      I hope the Minister will continue giving us news.
      Let no Government take praise for what’s going on. The government officials went to the UK and came back empty handed.
      Let the truth be told when Waitrose personnel came down earlier this year, they did not want to see politicians they went to the farms and farmers. They said even if we produce 60000 boxes a week the will be only taking 2000 boxes a week and that figure will not increase in the future.
      Up to 2018 before the hurricane, we use to export 12 containers of banana to the Uk and 6 containers to the region weekly. We are far from that production figures. Mr. Montrose when will you and the task force work with the farmers to reach our quality goals. Bananas are a far cry away. Let’s development other products, we have a fairtrade certificate to export plantains. What efforts are being made by the ministry to help farmers export other fruits breadfruits, mangoes, dasheen, plantains, and other freshly planted herbs.
      We have export St. Lucia are they only there to help manufacturers. What’s about the farmers.
      Farmers needs help. Next time bring proper news to farmers. They need to know how much more can they get for their produce with the price of inputs so high, will we get a subsidy like other parts of the world, or like what Carnival got for them to survive.

  6. We have to give ‘Green Figs’ some respect. I cannot do without my Bananas in the morning; the Doc says its full of Iron; all I know it tastes damn good; better still ‘Green Figs & salt fish’ so keep fighting for Banana revenue – ‘the Lord Bless you & keep you, His face shine upon you’

  7. Awesome news, much better than the former minister of agriculture putting all the blame on the farmers. Work with the farmers to improve the quality of their bananas to make them viable on the international market

    • Please get the real facts. Farmers are really working at a lost, how long will the trade last.
      Farmers are faced with very high rates for inputs, which the cannot sustain unless Government and the task force must implement the recommendation inorder for that industry to continue.
      Farmers are now paying $215 for a big bag of fertilizer, chemical for weed control has gone up by 222%. The chemical to wash the banana for crown rot is up by 125%.
      More than 60% of the farmers have stop producing bananas for the association.
      So what are we clapping for, the ministry know very well we cannot even get 2 containers of bananas to the UK. We started with 2 and we are now down to one a week.
      Farmers cannot afford to grow bananas for extra regional trade.
      Government please help the farmers inorder for the to continue the trade.
      Talk to the farmers, there is a big disconnect between the farmers and the Ministry of Agriculture.

      • This is so true, and the government makes it look like they are doing the best to keep agriculture alive in st lucia,when they are pushing farmers away

  8. That’s great; an initiative that worth maintaining. St. Lucia knowns best as they maintained the ‘Winban Insurance’ head office effectively during the period of the booming banana industry between Dominica, Grenada, St.Vincent and St. Lucia; that’s prior to WINFA.

    • ……those Jackass can’t take credit for it…..they were the ones who in kill off the bananas production (fact) check the London Times before some of these lunatic yellow jackass beat their ass. . Don’t you remember under The Yellow Reign Of Terror how many farmers were committing suicide weekly ?? Now you hardly hear anything, and he has the audacity to talk about early elections that fool must be jocking.


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