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Updated on July 9, 2020 2:52 pm
Updated on July 9, 2020 2:52 pm
Updated on July 9, 2020 2:52 pm

Saint Lucia Ruling Party Wants Hilaire Questioned Over Dominica Riots

Saint Lucia’s ruling United Workers Party (UWP) is urging authorities here and in Dominica to question Castries South MP, Ernest Hilaire, in relation to statements he made Wednesday night in Dominica.

Dominica goes to the polls on Friday and Hilaire spoke on a ruling Dominica Labour Party (DLP) political platform.

“The United Workers Party is surprised at the statement made by Doctor Hiliare on a political platform in Dominica indicating that he knows that the riots and the criminal activities that have been happening over the last few weeks have been planned in Saint Lucia,” UWP spokeswoman Nancy Charles said in a statement Thursday.

“For us as as a party we are calling on the authorities both in Dominica and Saint Lucia to bring Doctor Hilaire in for questioning – ask him to give the names of those persons who have been planning those illegal activities; ask him to give the information because he knows who; he knows where,” Charles declared.

She said that Hilaire, who is one of two Deputy Leaders of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP),  seems to have inside information as to where and what has been happening.

Charles urged Hilaire to speak up so that people can be arrested.

The UWP spokeswoman asserted that the people of Dominica cannot continue to suffer because the Castries South MP is withholding information.



  1. I am no fan of Hilaire. I have given the guy a bunch of stick publicly. However, Nancy is becoming hilarious as Hilaire. She is grasping at straws. A sort of female Don Quixote who is battling windmills. These parties must learn to be serious about St. Lucians business. This has to be theatre of the absurd.

  2. please dont give hilaire any traction. Hilaire must go! and he will! so let him enjoy his little stint in the labour party for now. Better believe this man will be kicked out. promises cannot be broken ever. time is powerful stuff. he must go. the uwp does not need to pay any heed to this liar.

  3. Dont put wind into the sails of a bath tub that aint going nowhere.You feeding the beast

  4. Why dont you answer questions about things right here in Saint Lucia? You are in the best position to do that, things like the Investigations about Ubaldus Wipay Scandal? the Parjorah Letters? the 1 million dollar Technical Audit of St Judes Hospital.

    • I totally agree that these questions should be answered. We should like the Dominicans stand up and demand answers to these questions and the release of the reports of the many investigations that have been promised over the last three years. However, I also believe that Hilaire needs to be made to explain his statements. We need to know who is involved, where in St.Lucia and how Hilaire became aware.
      It is also important for Hilaire to tell us if he stands against election reform as demanded by the various groups in Dominica? Jufallieeeeee.

  5. Ernest just nailed the final nail in his coffin, very disappointed in his statement,bhe is sounding desperate and people are beginning to wonder why.

    • Ernest is the thorn Allen and the UWP sides….where is our CIP money? Y’all stupid, listening to propaganda when Allen giving away our land and passports to a Chinese conman.

  6. Why doesn’t Mr. Hilaire condemn Mr. Skerrit and his DLP for their large scale corruption. Not one sentence about the Dominican PM and the many scandals that have blackened Dominica’s reputation and by extension the Caribbean as a region. With scumbags like Hilaire, the SLP will stay on the opposition benches in parliament for the foreseeable future. They are nothing more than hungry power vultures of ill-repute. The support of Hilaire and the SLP for the most corrupt individual in present day Caribbean politics speaks volumes about the character of the hierarchy of the SLT. Don’t you think Dominicans deserve a clean voters’ list and voters’ ID cards? Hilaire, you and your weaklings are the epitome of dishonesty. You and your party are just an empty bag of charcoals with just the dust inside.

  7. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing on the news when Mr Hilaire made these accusations. I would like to hear what Mr Pierre has to say on the matter and I await feedback from Claudius Francis and Mr Astaphane as well.It would be interesting to hear their opinions.

  8. We Dominicans feel very hurt and disappointed by the way CARICOM , our brothers , have turned their backs on us . For over ten years we have been begging our corrupt government for voters ID and to clean the voters list , which is larger then the population. Our cries and attempts to protest have fallen on death ears while the opposition members have suffers brutal victimizations. CARICOM knows about our plight. Why are we being deprived of a fair election? Why are being described as criminals for standing for our rights . Instead of pressuring Skerrit to do the right thing , RSS was sent to torture us at the invitation of the lying scoundrel who calls himself PM. St Lucians , a great wrong is being perpetrated against us . Will you stand with us?

  9. Sorry Jahane, we no longer have a Caribbean community. It’s all island for herself. I agree we should collectively denounce what’s been going on in Dominica recently, but what about our brothers and sisters in Haiti for decades.

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