Saint Lucia Secures Funding For The Constituency Development Programme

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On Monday 16th May 2022, the Government of Saint Lucia received funding from the Republic of China Taiwan (ROCT) as part of the Constituency Development Programme.

During the handing over ceremony, H.E. Peter Chen presented the cheque of eighteen million, five hundred thousand dollars ($18.5 million) to the Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Hon. Philip J. Pierre.

The Accountant General received the cheque to be deposited into the Consolidated Fund and presented a receipt on behalf of the Government to the Ambassador.

H.E. Chen recommitted his Government’s pledge to continue its assistance in supporting projects which not only directly impact the quality of life of people but at the same time address infrastructural issues which support climate change resilience and adaptation projects.

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Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre restated his pledge from his 2022 Budget Address to allocate resources to all elected Parliamentarians in the seventeen constituencies to perform small projects of their choice.

Hon. Pierre registered the importance of the programme to be transparent, accountable, and agile as it is rolled out island wide to meet the socio-economic needs of the people.

The revamped Constituency Development Project will be accessible to Opposition Parliamentarians, unlike what was practiced in the previous five (5) years where the then six Opposition Parliamentarians were disenfranchised and denied opportunities to undertake important projects within their constituencies.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. Small projects of their choice? Come on PM basically your are telling the reps to do what they want with the money …….zero accountability. There should be certain community projects that would be prioritized and proposals put forward by reps and approval given for said projects. We can’t just be giving constituency representatives lump sums of money for small projects of their choice. A project may be building a foot path to benefit a certain relative and add value to their property.. … a project can be to give your friends and family a job that he never does and collect a cut for yourself. It is high time that there some form of accountability on the use of monies given to constituencies especially when that money comes from friendly governments. We Ned to stop throwing money into the constituency council laps so they can reward themselves and friends

  2. Dennery villager I totally agree that is what will happen as that has always been the case. Those assign the jobs are teething teething even the low income earners they give the jobs too. Even if you are aware and bring it to the district rep attention it is being said you like row row. It’s like you should see all their bobol and say nothing. We already know is the nenen and parwe’s that will get the jobs. Some communities In the constituencies will not even benefit from it. Slp is no different than uwp. They accused uwp of doing something when the are now foing the same things. Play them no mind when you see they are in opposition and have everything to say about uwp and that they will do it differently. I thought they were for change but I live everyday in disappointment over these set of ppl. They are all there to fill their pockets. Those that just start are having mansions and more than one vehicles. Cost of living increasing and our salaries remain the same. To us the unemployed and low class workers who they are using to make noise for them during campaigning and after election they forget about us let us pledge from now on that we will not be doormats anymore for those politicians. Let their high class friends and family that hide behind the scene and only comes out after a win to full their pockets be the ones making the noise for them. We may be hungry but let’s instill pride in us and say next time get your high level class to campaign on the ground for u all. Also let’s see how many will benefit from these projects. I will be observing just like god will be. Peace and love

    • God is love, you couldn’t have said it better. I agree. The poor people are the ones being used so that the high class FFF can enjoy steak and caviar. Well like you, my family and I will no longer be ground workers for a party that only look out for the elite FFF when in power. The cry is the same every where ……in every district, among the various SLP community groups everywhere…… the cry is the same……they don’t know us now. So far the few community projects that have been undertaken have gone to FFF and families of reps and those in charge of the constituency council. Works that require special skills and equipment are going to family members with no such skill. There is no accountability, no transparency it’s same old same old. The only thing that has changed is the government but the so called transparency and accountability that we were promised are out the window. It appears that once you have a shread of decency, once you’re honest and hardworking you do not have a place in this government. I hope they’re listening and taking note because 5 years is not forever. I hope too that the money benefits the communities and do not LAND er in some pockets

  3. More money for bobol and to give contracts to inlaws, jabals and friends to do work people they don’t know anything about, have experience in or even have equipment for. Each constituency needs a government appointed person to account and report on what the money is used for. The chairman of the constituency council and minister should never have autonomy over these funds. There should be accountability there. Too many corrupt ministers putting equally corrupt chairpersons in charge to facilitate corruption with themselves friends and families alone standing to benefit. Stop it now.


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