Thursday, October 6, 2022

Saint Lucia Showcases Destination At Dubai Expo

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The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA), along with its partner agencies, Invest Saint Lucia, Export Saint Lucia, and the Citizenship by Investment Program has successfully hosted a showcase of the destination at Dubai Expo. The two-day event (Feb 21-22) featured business, tourism, and cultural activities to encourage investment and visitors from across the globe.

Day one was a Business Forum attended by more than 80 industry experts including representatives from travel brands such as DNATA, Travel Counsellors, and local operator Atlantis Holidays & Wellness. During the event, the Saint Lucia Delegation presented updates on Saint Lucia’s investment opportunities and tourism developments.   

Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture, and Information, Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire opened the proceedings with an update on Saint Lucia’s thriving tourism sector, the importance of increasing connectivity, and developing new markets such as the UAE for both tourism and investment. He also recognized the success of the Citizenship by Investment Programme to date.

The senior SLTA delegation with the Minister for Tourism included the chairman of the SLTA Board Thaddeus M. Antoine and SLTA’s new Chief Executive Officer Lorine Charles-St. Jules. 

Key partners co-hosting the showcase included Invest Saint Lucia, Export Saint Lucia, and the Citizenship by Investment Program, sharing ideas and updates with guests.

Day two concluded on Saint Lucia’s Independence Day (Feb 22) with a joyous celebration of the island’s culture featuring performances by a group of local creatives covering the arts, music, fashion, and culinary delights.

A highlight of the entertainment was members of Saint Lucia’s Dennery Segment, the globally successful music collective. The performances were broadcast live to thousands via FaceBook live allowing people from around the world to be part of the Independence Day celebrations.

Lorine Charles-St.Jules, CEO for the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority said; “It was a pleasure to meet our potential business partners and visitors. We updated the trade and investment community on all aspects of our work including our significant marketing programme to further drive stay-over arrivals. Our culture is something that people always highlight as a reason to visit so it was an absolute joy to bring some of our heritage and talent to entertain people on our Independence Day.”

The destination has seen a strong recovery in arrivals. In 2021, the destination welcomed 52% more visitors than in 2020 with 199,347 stay-over arrivals for the year.

2021 saw international events such as the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers successfully return to the island. Additionally, this summer, the destination is preparing to bring back Saint Lucia Carnival with ‘Vaxx Mass’. 

 (Source: Saint Lucia Tourism Authority)

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Editorial Staff
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  1. All well and good but what is R.F. Minister for Housing doing in Dubai?
    Those who are celebrating about the chances of any Tourism boom, any time in the future, think again, Look over your shoulders, the possibility of all out war in Europe, is not a cause to celebrate. Look out for shortages of all kinds of imported goods. Just pray that China don’t take advantage of the situation. It is times like these that who live on this Rock should look up:- Father God, we are small and helpless as a nation, with a big crime problem, we need deliverance from the menace of that epidemic; HELP US LORD

  2. Both them fellas have the look that says we are big time ” boo-lahs.” the men get a certain look about them and the women to when they go into that vice. thats why they know each other instantly. you see sin leave a mark. them two fellas are mr. and mrs. two malprop people. another queen in the SLP using government money to build and support the harem. hope they bought depends to dubai to help the leakage. disgusting honestly!!

  3. Dr. Hilaire this is wonderful, but can you tell us when you will repair the Marigot Road. Remember we did not vote for you to go to Dubai we voted for you to see after our affairs. Don’t do like the UWPs, don’t start working for us in the 4th year. If you do we will vote you out

  4. Vaxx mass what the hell is wrong with this guy, so many people out of a job not even $5 they have to block a hole and you talking about carnival…the old SLP hacks not seeing that’s a bad idea, do we the people have any say in this country because clearly the the majority will vote against that crap…youths open y’all eyes these guys not serious no plans to develop the country so we can get a days work while they old axx slp hacks getting big positions.# my country needs help.

  5. Chooops, St .Lucian will find every reason to complain. They will never seek every opportunity to predict doom and gloom for their own.

    Therefore some of these ridiculous comments are expected.

    • If st.Lucian’s can’t see what’s happening now, they will never see again. No riders were allowed to go round the island, but here you go pushing vax mass. Why was the parade showcased for everyone to see like we always do? Boy oh boy why did we have to go back instead of forward. It sickens me!!!

  6. @ ash Bad Mind can’t done ! Every other Caribbean Island was over there selling their product and destination…..everyone knew the importance of this expo to be over there but we are number one so we should not look to squeeze any more juice from the orange.. When I tell you these clowns are so bad mind I don’t know what The Honorable PJP was thinking when he extended an olive branch….he must have fell and bump his head.

  7. Regretful voter regreted voting for laba due to the Dubai trip ,whereas it was uwp who organized the trip, thinking they would have won the election.@ regretful voter, stop being one of the 43%

  8. This only means more visitors wil come here. I meal look at the delegation. Who better to spearhead out Tourism product. Hilaire. Great news. Lucians look out for a glut of Investment this yr 2022. Just wait by next yr this time we will be reaping the rewards of such a trip

  9. Any lie to push your vaxx mass so red international and miss press secretary carnival band and entertainment business can make money. SLP please listen to the voice of the people and don’t allow this shabin boy to do as he pleases because he will be the downfall of the government. Just this weekend bikers and motorists couldn’t even have a round the island rally but I guess all protocols will be lifted so this clown’s friends can make MORE money on top of what they’re already getting. Putting the health of a whole nation at risk for a few people to get rich. So much for putting you first.

  10. Stop your lies and deception please. We all know that we have no great tourism product coming out of Dubai to make any significant impact on the industry here. There was absolutely no need for a tourism delegation in Dubai whatsoever. You mister minister was just on the boys lime with your buddies. Also what was the housing minister’s role there? Absolutely no point in him being there except to rub salt in the opposition wounds. This pettiness and divisiveness needs to stop. Man up and be responsible and stop behaving like little boys with new toys. I regret voting for this nonsense.

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