Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority Honours Cop

Press Release:-  The SLSWMA on Thursday, September 12, 2019 hosted a small gathering at its Head Office in honour of Acting Inspector Foster Chicot who is presently attached to the Marchand Police Station. 

The gathering sought to acknowledge Sergeant Chicot who has been very instrumental in supporting the work of the Authority.

Some of his work alongside the Authority includes community mobilization, community cleanup activities, derelict vehicle removal drives and special assistance to waste management officers on duty during challenging situations.

The occasional impromptu telephone calls to Inspector Chicot have also served the Authority well in addressing some situations on ground.

The Authority recognizes that his contribution has significant bearing not only on the clean-up of targeted communities but also influences the attitudes and behavior of residents and his colleague police officers. 

The Authority is extremely grateful to the Acting Inspector for his contribution and dedication to waste management and looks forward to continued support particularly in the area of enforcement.

We urge him to continue to influence his peers within the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force to join the movement as the work of each one no matter how trivial it may seem contributes to the overall improvement to waste management in the country.


  1. Shame this isn’t applied elsewhere especially Vieux Fort well in fact the whole of the south. THe rubbish that is just dumped, vehicles just dumped even when the ditches are cleared the bottles and rubbish collected is just left by the roadside. Something must be done this they are an unsightly embarrassment and how can we welcome tourista to a St Lucia covered in such eyesores . Why not employ a special team, doesn’t have to be large, to “police” illegal dumping, which only today i saw in Vieux Fort , look out for eyesores, ensure that those committing these offences are punished by perhaps clearing up rubbish. This should happen immediately, on the spot. DO SOMETHING BEFORE ST LUCIA BECOME KNOWN AS THE DUSTBIN -RUBBISH TIP OF THE CARIBBEAN

  2. Great news. Now can you lobby on the residents of Arrudell Hill’s behalf.
    For several months now, garbage trucks haven’t been collecting refuse on the scheduled days of Tuesdays (especially), Thursdays and Saturdays which results in garbage staying overnight and a few days which is a haven for dogs and rodents.

    Piles and piles of garbage bags are left uncollected for dogs to pillage which contain and by no means limited to soiled baby disposable diapers, some of which end up in my yard.

    I plan to file an official complaint (with photos) with the SLSWMA, MOH and Parliamentary Rep. if this continues which is not only unsightly but poses a serious health hazard.

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