Friday, December 13, 2019

Saint Lucia Sports Academy About To Welcome First Intake Of Students

Press Release:– Officials of the Ministry of Education, Innovation, Gender Relations, and Sustainable Development – including Permanent Secretary Ms. Michelle Charles – met with parents and guardians of students who, within a matter of weeks, could make up the first intake of the Saint Lucia Sports Academy.

The meeting took place at the Financial Centre in Pointe Seraphine on Saturday, 3 August 2019. It was at least the second such touchpoint between the Ministry, parents, students, and the leadership of the Sports Academy.

On one previous occasion, parents had been taken on a walk-through of the facilities.

The Sports Academy will be located in Gros Islet, on the campus of what was previously known as the Gros Islet Secondary School.

The GISS has now been decommissioned and did not accept an intake of Form 1 students for the 2019-2020 school year beginning in September.

Rather, most of the students who would have been entering Form 2 and Form 3 at GISS have been transferred to other schools in the north of the island.

Form 4 and Form 5 students will stay on to complete their CXC studies. The remainder of the student body will comprise student-athletes in three disciplines.

In partnership with the Saint Lucia National Cricket Association, and the Saint Lucia Football Association Inc., the bulk of the first cohort of students at the Sports Academy will consist of the national under-15 boys’ teams in both sports, the under-15 girls’ football team, and GISS track and field athletes.

Members of the boys’ national teams will be domiciled at the Academy, staying in newly-prepared dorms.

Members of the girls’ national football team and track and field teams will be doing regular classes at the campus during the day, and will be training after school, but will not be staying overnight.

The student-athletes will pursue a basic curriculum similar to that which obtains at secondary schools islandwide, but with a view towards ensuring that the pupils are eligible for scholarships in the U.S.A., Canada, England, and Australia, inter alia.

There will also be specialised instruction geared towards careers in sports.


  1. Great things are happening. I wait in anticipation to see the results of this Sporting initiative. I do anticipate that sport psychology, nutrition, comprehensive analysis tools and techniques of the various sporting disciplines are implemented, career progression Nationally and Internationally are nurtured. Is Golf, Basket Ball, Rugby and Tennis covered by the Academy?….If these Sports are played on Island, then every resource – Golf Courses, Tennis courts etc etc – should collaborate with the Academy in nurturing our elite athletes. And I look forward to seeing non traditional sports too – take your pick : Base ball, American football even Ice hockey implemented on Island as well…that’s where the money’s at… The way out of social stagnation and societal malaise is to give the people options in society. Give the youth a reason to hope. Give Saint Lucia a fighting chance. Love the idea. I wish the Sports Academy all success in producing the next generation of Saint Lucia’s Sporting Heroes and Heroines.

  2. I’m quite happy for the speedily move to commence the sports academy up north. Yet, it is quite apparent once AGAIN that “everything” good, educational, positive seems to happen in the north before the south clearly highlighting the notion that the north is always given priority than the south. Wasn’t some thing this similar supposed to happen with the Anse Get Secondary School? As the school of and for crestive Arts? It’s been years of meetings and up to this day I don’t think that it has brought about much fruition. But once again, the sports facility is a giant step for st. Lucia. Please government and officials follow up on the centre for creative arts as another set of young people need this life changing experience too

  3. We are so quick to talk about the up north getting this and down south eh getting nothing without seeing that there was a school and grounds that could have been used easily. Relax with this project when it is done and the positives are realized who knows if down south wouldn’t be getting one soon. And please stop the north south divide St.Lucia is our island and we are all Lucian: North, South, East and West ok.

  4. You must be from the “south” I take it? It is clearly apparent that people from the south despise the “North”. I even get the sense that politicians are encouraging this behaviour. “Republic of laborie” my a**. Quit this nonsense we are so struggling to make ends meet and are up against the same obstacles. Stop this stupid mentality.

  5. This is great. But the problem of us farming athletes to sell to developed nations isn’t sustainable. Brain drain. Eventually they will no longer carry a St.Lucian flag, but that of their new adopted country.

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