Saint Lucia Steps Up Surveillance For Omicron Amid 5th COVID-19 Wave

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As Saint Lucia faces a fifth COVID-19 wave, the health authorities are stepping up Omicron surveillance even though the country has not confirmed any cases of the variant.

However, officials have indicated that Omicron might well be present.

“We have increased surveillance for the Omicron variant,” Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Sharon Belmar-George disclosed.

In a statement Tuesday, she explained that Omicron is associated with a high transmission level while the Delta variant is circulating locally.

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In addition, since Saint Lucia’s fifth COVID-29 Wave began on December 16, the CMO said the country had diagnosed 686 cases – an average of 40 per day.

As of January 2, 2022, she said Saint Lucia had diagnosed 13 816 COVID-19 cases, with 362 currently active.

According to Belmar-Gorge, the daily infection rate for the last seven days was 37.6 per 100,000 population per day, with a 14% testing positivity rate and a transmission rate of 2.9.

She said the increased transmission of COVID-19 can increase hospitalisations, death and productivity in the workplace.

As a result, the CMO appealed to all public and private organisations to strengthen all public health protocols.

The CMO’s complete address appears below:

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  1. Myself and five immediate members and eight others, grand children and others, all took both shots of PfIzer and are soon going for the Booster. I’ve never felt better, I work out in my Basement because my Gym only allow one hour per day, that’s not enough. I got the Flu shot also, I don’t understand how people can say, Vaccines are no good; as a child I was Vaccinated, some thirty years ago, don’t remember what was going on, but we all had to be Vaccinated before a trip to Europe. Now I believe what is going on was Prophesied, the Reaper is doing his job. The babies or the very young, the innocent, the chosen and the good, the ones elected, the feeble and poor, the ones set aside to do certain works of good for the Lord if taken away due to this epidemic do have a place for them in the Paradise of the Lord, but the doubtful, the unbelieving and scornful should await a rude awakening.

  2. Nudge I see that you are now littering this platform with your illiterate bull$hit. Your propaganda got nipped in it’s bud by your superiors. Live with it Nobody wants to read your pointless drivel.

  3. Too Late idiots of St. Lucia, while the civilized world started the fight against the Omicon variant you dumb Nigjers,watched and sat on you hands. Now with out doubt it has arrive on your shores. Enjoy!

  4. Asking for a friend:

    How much are the politicians & medical authorities paying St. Lucia Times to censor any comments critical of them?

  5. And here’s another comment submitted earlier this morning, which has been censored:

    Our wonderful politicians and caring medical authorities have loudly proclaimed that the “vaccines have proved to be safe and effective” but have failed to consult the publicly available Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), to which adverse events have been under-reported by a minimum factor of 6 or 7.

    The question remains: Why did Pfizer not know of these adverse effects or deaths during their supposed “tests” leading up to Emergency Use Authorization for their “vaccines?”

    Well, Pfizer knew, but did not want us to know, so they colluded with the US authorities to shield their test data results from public view for 75 years; by which time anyone negatively affected by these vaccines, or their loved ones, would have long been dead, and unable to file torts against Pfizer.

    An intrepid individual, Craig Paardekooper, has remedied the neglect of our officials (who continue to bleed the public purse dry) by providing us with up-to-date data from VAERS.

    In your browser, enter the link, www(dot)howbad(dot)info – be sure to replace “(dot)” with “.”

    You will reach the “How Bad is My Batch” website. You can then click on the “Pfizer (outside of USA)” link to get details of the adverse events reported from Pfizer vaccine usage outside the US. As your concern increases, you can hit the links on the website that catch your fancy, sorry, I meant your horror.

    A good question to ask your public officials is whether they have been honestly and assiduously reporting to VAERS during the past year.

    For my fellow citizens who are interested in finding out for themselves, or their loved ones, how they may have been affected by a Pfizer vaccine, here is the simple way:

    Get the “Saint Lucia Certificate of Covid-19 Vaccination” card. On the front, information for the 1st Dose states the Manufacturer & Batch/Lot #. On the back, you’ll find the information for the 2nd Dose. (By the way, can anyone tell me whether this info is available in the Digital COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate? Very curious!)

    On the “Pfizer (outside of USA)” page, you will have the option to enter your batch codes in the box labeled, “Enter Pfizer Batch Code”, so you can get details for your Batch Codes of interest, directly.

    Good luck playing Pfizer Roulette!

  6. Can someone explain why the 4 comments I have submitted in this thread, 4 hours ago, have still not shown up ; why they have been censored?

  7. According to the CMO Omicron may not be in SLU yet. Although this is good news, but it’s coming, and the only protection from that is the vaccine.
    Right now Omicron is affecting toddlers. The best protection for pediatrics is vaccination among parents and family members. As a concerned citizen I am encouraging the community to use best judgment right now; wear your mask properly and remind others to do the same.
    Do not run for testing unless you develop symptoms. Do not flood hospitals or testing sites unless you feel you need attention. Businesses should not require employees to work if they test positive.
    We need to do everything to ease the pressure on our hospitals. This is an island with so many doctors, so many nurses, limited respiratory therapists, lab people, resources etc, and that is why vaccination is important.
    Our PM still boasts about landslide election rather than concentrating on health issues etc, still blaming the previous administration for his current responsibility, still making excuses for his inaction on important issues, not realizing that he was so vocal in opposition against everything that would benefit the citizens of SLU
    For those that defy the work of the Lord by being so obsess against the vaccine, trust me, your lucky day will come and you will get your wish. Just remember that the Lord works in mysterious ways.

  8. I know that St.Lucia. do not have the capacity to put anything under surveillance .if I know that how come the CMO and her clown team are pretending that they do not know that .

  9. I will never take the vaccine. I’m waiting on things to fall apart and the truth to come to light.

  10. They have not said how they have step up. Why is it a secret? And why so late. This government is moving slow on covid. Many weeks ago countries have been putting measures in place even the US said travelers must present a negative test with 24 hours upon arrival to its country instead of the 3days. It has been weeks we have been hearing that this Omicron is more transmissible but authorities here were not stepping up. The 5th wave had to start for them to step up.

  11. From 1st wave to 5th wave and non of your recommended vaccines are incapable to solving or fixing anything. The being said one will have to be possible vaccinated over and over… In your capacity what are your logic’s.

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