Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Saint Lucia Teachers Accept Government’s Offer

Saint Lucia teachers turned out en masse Friday to attend a meeting summoned by their union to discuss an offer from the Government Negotiating Team (GNT), which they agreed to accept.

The President of the Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU), Julian Monrose told reporters that the union had proposed an 8 percent salary increase to the government.

“The government responded with – for the first triennium offering zero, one, one with a $1,800 bonus and also back pay for the period 2018 to 2019,” Monrose explained.

“They also made a proposal of a one, one, two percentage increase for the current period 2019 to 2022 and the members decided on that,” he stated.

According to Monrose, there was no need for him to encourage the teachers.

He said they made the decision.

Monrose had earlier told the animated meeting of teachers that separate deals involving the GNT, the police and the nurses had complicated matters.

“If it has come down to twenty five cents more, I would have fought for it. But I am not taking what they took,” he said to applause from the teachers.

“To take what they took is insulting. It would mean that they negotiated for us,” the SLTU President declared.





    • Monrose you let the SLP down…Dolor..Vigi …Kentry… and so on will flog you….look for another issue for Social Unrest…Party be for Country…..

  1. Monrose I know you are so disappointed that this whole thing was resolved amicably. You have disappointed Kenny and the SLP. BRAVO! St Lucia on the move.

  2. Hope the police and nurses learn from the teachers. Clearly you all have difficulty negotiating. Can you imaginet the president of the nurses association got a mandate from about 20 nurses at a meeting, more than half of whom are close to retirement and will be getting a gratuity

    • Do you know what other perks the policemen and nurses got that cause them to agree on the 5%. Now the teachers has put them in a much better position. judging from Monrose statement the teacher deliberately went 1% higher to make the policemen look bad. If the police had taken 6% they would have asked for 7% and so on.

      • Truth Being Told, you are always here displaying your 43% Preschool Membership Card (displaying ignorance). Have you been able to quantify and compare the perks that each sector (police, nurses, central service, non established workers, fire, correctional, teachers, doctors) got? Certainly not and so that renders your comment useless. You ask a rhetorical question that you don’t have the answer to. You only feel compelled to comment because you must show loyalty to the leader of the 43% preschool Club. When will you graduate to infant school?

  3. I applaud the last comment always the laziest that is in the forthfront they do that all the time whichever government that’s in power some government workers are sick coming to work late and leaving early.
    but they want more pay.

    • Very good for you, Anonymous and Mr. Joe, that you both work hardest and want less. Keep it up, damn fools.

      • I like yur anser yes side. Very well said. Lol. And even if my Joe and anonymous works hard they still wants less

      • You know it is only a matter of time before that racket ends and public servants will have to be sent home. Do you think the IMF will give a government bailout money and not expect austerity. You public workers and politicians are so dumb and don’t realise y’all will take town the entire economy with y’all corruption, greed and laziness.

  4. I hope the teachers take their work seriously instead of sitting back lazily and awaiting a salary.

  5. Melody, you sure your name not unpleasant with that irregular tempo of nonsense that flow from you. Teachers always take their work very seriously.

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