Saint Lucia To Attend Meeting With US Official Amid Warning Of Attempts To Divide CARICOM

Saint Lucia will be represented at a meeting with United States Secretary of State, Michael Pompeo, on Tuesday, it has been confirmed.

This country’s External Affairs Minister, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, will attend the meeting with Pompeo in Jamaica, government sources here told St Lucia Times.

The meeting with the US official is being held against the backdrop of a warning by Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley, of an attempt to divide the 15- member Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

“We don’t look to pick fights. I don’t look to pick fights, but I am conscious that if this country does not stand for something, then it will fall for anything. As chairman of CARICOM, it is impossible for me to agree that my foreign minister should attend a meeting with anyone to which members of CARICOM are not invited. If some are invited and not all, then it is an attempt to divide this region,” Mottley said.

She was  addressing a gala to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the late Barbados prime minister and regional integrationist Errol W. Barrow on Saturday night.

Mottley was quoted by CMC News as saying  that she is conscious that in the next week questions will be asked as to whether the Barbados foreign minister happened to be missing in the meeting in Kingston.

Both the Jamaica Gleaner and the Observer newspaper, quoting sources, said that Pompeo is also due to meet with several Caribbean leaders.

Last year, the leaders of Jamaica, Saint Lucia, the Bahamas and Haiti  flew to Miami to meet with US President Donald Trump.


  1. Personally I see nothing wrong with St.Lucia attending the meeting. We are an independence nation likewise Barbados. We know what we are expecting. If the US was to sat they are removing the embassy to another island. I am guaranteed Barbados would run to the white house if it called for that. St.Lucia when you go see if you can get ESTA status for St.Lucia. Barbadians don’t care if we sink or float soon it will be same sex marriage and you all will sing Caribbean unity.

    • Hope, you can’t see anything wrong with St Lucia attending! Read the article again “if this country does not stand for something, then it will fall for anything” and this certainly fits St Lucia currently. You need to eradicate the house slave mentality.

    • I am not surprise that the regional perspective is to big for “hope”. Its what being part of the 43% with preschool education does to you. With people like that hope is a waste of time.

  2. Oh they want the boat to come back again yeah I am willing to do a follow up. All jokes aside Ms. Mottley is 100 percent right. The old divide and conquer method that’s been working against Black People for centuries it still works like a charm.

  3. Now is the time to movie the American embassy to St.Lucis,the Barbadians haver enough from the legacy of white colonism and white privilege.

    • oh Ahmed, so now you suggesting that it is now our turn to enjoy the legacy of white colonialism (not colonism) and white privilege? SMH

  4. When situations like these occur there must be due diligence exercise that is sync with the protocol of established covenant. Therefore Ms Mortley has a genuine privilege to express her sentiments.

    • SMH….when Allen was all up in Barbados election, following Mia around like a puppy, you didn’t see anything wrong with that? What does the US want with SHIT HOLE COUNTRIES like ours? Nevermind, Allen called is mendicants and braying jackasses in our own country …at least the USA referred to us as S******* countries from afar!

  5. with all that’s going on in the world i think this is here for the things to come wen st lucia will no longer be for its people and being rule by foreign powers 666 U.S.A NEW WORLD ORDER IN THE MAKING

  6. For all the butt-kissing we are doing to the Trump administration our PM hasn’t even asked him to remove the leahy law on our police service. So for what reason are we breaking away from our caricom comrades.Haven’t seen how the US operates now? look at the Kurds, look at Ukraine!

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