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Updated on June 2, 2020 8:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 8:26 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 8:26 am

Saint Lucia To Change From 24 To 10 Hour Curfew And Enforce Zoning

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has announced that the 24 hour curfew imposed on Saint Lucia in the battle against COVID-19 will be reduced, while a system of zoning will also be introduced and strictly enforced by the police.

Appearing Sunday evening on the National Television Network (NTN), Chastanet explained that the 24 hour curfew will be maintained until Tuesday, April 7, 2020, at 5.00 am.

However he stated that on Monday, April 6, 2020, while the 24 hour curfew is still in effect, bakeries will be allowed to open and provide delivery service of bread only.

“That means that they could bake the bread but persons are not allowed to go to their shops to buy the bread,” the PM told his audience.

He said bakeries will be providing some form of delivery service.

“We are also going to be allowing the supermarkets, the mini marts, distribution of food items, gas stations, cooking gas –  to operate only to restore their shelves,” the PM stated.

By way of explanation, Chastanet told the nation that only individuals working in those companies will be able to come out on Monday to restock and get prepared for the rest of the week.

He made clear that no mini bus or transport will operate except in the case of essential services and the restocking of the food industry.

The Prime Minister said the prohibition on the sale of alcohol will continue.

“On Tuesday we go back to our SI-44 (Statutory Instrument 44), so those who can find our SI it’s number 44 – these are the services that we’re now going to be basically open, so in essence what we are going to do is we’re going to reduce the curfew from a 24-hour curfew to a 10-hour curfew which will be from 7.00 pm to 5.00 am,” Chastanet disclosed.

“So that is going to start 5.00 am on Tuesday morning all the way through the Easter Monday,” he announced.

“We are going to allow all services provided in SI-44 – so basically allow the services to operate on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday – they will be able to operate from 7 to 4.00 pm. They will be closed on Friday, which is Good Friday. They will also be closed on Sunday which is Easter Sunday,” the PM said.

He reiterated that the 24 hour curfew will still be in effect on Monday, April 6, 2020, except for the persons working at the grocery stores, whole sale stores, bakeries, persons in charge of filling up LPG cylinders, persons working at petrol stations – all of whom will be allowed to break the curfew to start preparing the country to transition from the 24 hour to the 10 hour curfew on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

According to the PM, while under the 10 hour curfew customers will be allowed two per family to shop in their own communities.

He said greater detail will be provided on Monday April 6, 2020, in regard to where the zones are and what people are expected to do to remain in their zone.

“Only two people will be allowed to be in a private vehicle at any one time,” he asserted.

The PM warned that the police will be monitoring and enforcing the zoning.

He also announced that the police will be patrolling when supermarkets are open to ensure compliance with social distancing and health protocols.

“The police will be working with the business community to ensure strict enforcement of these protocols,” he explained.





  1. So please please tell me for the sake of god why wasn’t this implemented last week…
    it’s just cause a lot unnecessary panic and pain for the locals for a whole week for nothing.
    Not mentioning the fiasco last Friday at the mini market..,
    Farcical indeed
    Unbelievable organisation..

    • The man is putting business interest ahead of people’s lives. This is what happens when you have clown running the show. A failed businessman makes for a foolish leader. Prepare yourselves for a massive second wave of infections and deaths. Read up on the Spanish flu to get a better understanding of what to expect. The US ordered 100,000 body bags. They project up to 240,000 dead by the time this is done. Imagine 10% of your neighbours in body bags. That’s 18,000 St. Lucians dead in a few weeks. Crick, Lazarus and Rambally would not be able to cope. Corpses on the streets as is happening in other Latin American countries. Local doctors have warned this guy. International scientists have sounded the alarm. These measure will not work. The only way to avoid this is to avoid people and stay indoors. Perhaps when the dead start piling up y’all might take it seriously. But what does this guy care? He would get access to better healthcare than us. So yea he can let us serfs die to continue to enrich the elite. Nepotism at its finest.

    • Tie your waists people. It will be very interesting in the next few months. And please don’t depend on this government to keep you safe.

    • That’s what happens when third world black people hire an entitled white man born with a silver spoon to represent them.

  2. Confusion is a motif of this administration, and its approach to the pandemic is no exception. Disaster response requires total discipline and adherence to a clear chain of command, not the move-fast-and-break-things of start-up culture.

  3. We are not babies
    St.lucians refuse to obey the rules
    Help one teach one are we ca reduce the spread of this deadly virus

    We are not done the p.m is going everything he can,remember we are on our own ,every country are on their own.

    The reason he didn’t organise his ppl last week is because we dont obey

    I rest my case yourl lucians always have some negative to say

  4. I’m very moved on the procedure and ways the approach of how our prine minister has done the best he could possible and considerably is doing all in his efforts this far. But the ownus is on St.lucians to be discrete and wise in taking the information layout before them. One aspect I’d wish to be brought to firm up or beef up or system of legislation is please sit with Cabinet and the law makers and do some adjustments cause to much is happening and criminals apparently has more liberty than a poor man trying to survive. If need be that I suggest I can give some.

  5. Apparently, Mr Prime Minister, Ms Mary Issac, CSA, Nursing Council all those who channel their disgruntleness on issue but seem not to elaborate on such a matter. There is some information that is left in the dark or swipe under the mat or rather left buried that it doesn’t resurrect its face. From the public sector and as a concern citizen of this MY COUNTRY ST.LUICA & A YOUTH. Politicians you guys need to stop busllshitting people who elect you’ll into position regardless of who is in power this is NUTURAL. NURSES are on the front line and are of the most critical criticized part of the sector and generally our Health Sector. The PS in the Health Sector Mr. C. FELIX St. Hill, Ms Frederick, Ms Jn Baptiste is this how you guys settle and come to amicably, conscious, humanistic, people of our country first, interest of our employees and have our Health Sector at heart. REALLLLLLLLY REALLLLLLLLY REALLLLLLLLY and most of all the breadline for families. I listen and have been in awe of just how deceitful, untrue and really disappointing to that part of the public sector you’ll represent or whoever in the frontline of making such decision of threatening nurses who’ve been permanent in this sector to sign a contractual agreement or loose they jobs. They’ve been working all this time and when this is done what their gratuity for their years year’s service, also some are being paid the stipulated salary as a qualified nurse, some remain or has been on contract all those years.

    The nurses and doctors brought in all congrats and bravo to you guys not a problem but address these with honestly and stop fooling those jackasses who has that Politicial syndrome of color than the country and its people. Who’s paying their salarys is it Cayman as you’ll said they part of who helping bring them in?, Is the OKEU runned privately or in conjunction with our country? What kind of agreement did that pass administration cosigned? Is that the reason you guys cover it up to say they coming to help with Coronavirus or It was in the pipeline long before and capitalized on it now was the breakout? By Using is medium is it to rush execute that which is trying to be force upon our Health Sector? Will they be replacing or be living a stronger background, backbone and knowledge for better health care here?

    Continuing, now why are they been or should be given threats as such when you have a set of ineffecticent workers who loitering, unwelcoming, unprofessional and hostile not fulfilling they man-date or maybe they don’t know what customer service is. But rather the nurses are being targeted.

    I’m writing in this manner for answers for the public alertness,persons who might be unaware, my children, my have relatives and persons who afraid and can’t speak out and honestly this is my first airing as a young person, a youth.

  6. Here comes Chastanet again, king liar. This white man and the indian controlling all the negroes in silent.

  7. I don’t want to believe that things are being done flipantly here but it appears so..The way things are being executed are making people depressed angry and sad. Did I hear the CMO said that the supermarkets must not allow anyone in without a masks? How the hell people will get the masks that you are asking them to wear?! Did you distribute them? After this lockdown how people will get access to them for tomorrow? These authorities are panicing and have no regards for the poor and vulnerable.This thing is crazy. When people have power.

    • @Disappointed … it is VERY easy to MAKE a face mask. There is a computer program called “”. Further you have a brain to use at your discretion. Jeez!! Some people – these are the type which like to follow, and allow people to enable and abuse them.

      • Armchair shut you *** you ************* troll. Did I ask you anything you p*** of s***?! Idiot and political sheep. Go tell your mother about the youtube video you primary school drop out.

  8. I’m not one to speak negative but this is a decision that we will regret because of the lack of some lucians understanding. Nou pre.

  9. These measures will just allow for more Community Spread to be quite honest. This haphazard approach is not good but it isi what it is… be safe my fellow st.lucians

  10. Damned if you do damned if you don’t. This is politics 1 0 1 – just can’t please everyone; boy, am I glad I did
    not take up politics as a profession. Why is it so difficult to get it in your thick heads that the very air is infectious.
    I haven’t been out for one month. My son runs around to find places to shop, drops groceries at the door steps
    after he is gone, we pick it up, wait for another 3 or 4 days and so on. Keep blaming whoever you may, that’s not
    going to change the direction of this dark malevolent and invisible evil and its purpose on a doomed planet. Open
    your eyes look deeper at things not yet experienced in recorded history; it is bigger than Trump, any Prime Minister,
    any Admiral, General, you or me. It is colour blind, non-racist, A-political, It is coming for you if you don’t know how
    to protect yourselves.[laugh at me if you want] after I have prayed, I walk around the house, stretch my hands and
    touch the Lintel and Door post of every door to the rooms, saying “I anoint you with the Blood of the Lamb of God”
    ” I cover myself with the Precious Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and I am safe from the destroyer” I do that daily.
    I am safe and I know that I am safe, I sleep very well at nights. Just be wise and listen to the medical professionals.

  11. After reading the comments on here … my fellow St Lucians have proven to be very disappointing!! There are a lot of finger pointing, griping, ignorance, no comprehensive solutions … Just whine, whine, whine … Everyone involved (medical people, government officers, police, businesses, etc.) are doing the best they can in this dire, GLOBAL situation. There is no instruction manual written to fix this. We should be projecting INTELLIGENT solutions! Not slander, and sitting back in you all’s armchairs, with bottles in mouths slinging mud at people who are putting their lives on the line for us St Lucians. Instead you sling racist epithets, ignorant rants – nothing constructive. Shame! Shame! Shame! But of course, the human specie is the most destructive – unfortunately. As I said before: THERE IS NO INSTRUCTION MANUAL WRITTEN TO FIX THIS!! Instead TIE YOUR WAIST Lucians, and let us all do the best we can.

  12. Police officers need to visit the community of Forestiere because every night my neighbor having a house party… this shit needs to stop

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