Saint Lucia To Develop Plastic Pollution Inventory

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To inform targeted planning, the Government of Saint Lucia has initiated a national source inventory exercise in order to strategically tackle plastic pollution and marine litter.

Saint Lucia and most other countries are confronted with concerning levels of plastic pollution threatening marine ecosystems and economies. Citing the latest global assessment of marine litter and plastic pollution titled Pollution to Solution (2019), the UN Environment Programme highlights that plastic accounts for 85% of marine litter and warned that by 2040, volumes of plastic pollution flowing into marine areas will nearly triple, adding 23-37 million metric tons of plastic waste into the ocean per year.

This year, Saint Lucia and other members of the UN Environment Assembly agreed on a resolution to end plastic pollution and forge an international legally binding agreement by 2024.

The Saint Lucian Government remains faithful in its commitments to address marine litter and waste management generally, progressing with a High-Level Meeting to develop a National Source Inventory on Plastic Pollution and Marine Litter and a Marine Litter

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Management Action Plan (ML-MAP) to be held at the Finance Administrative Centre on Thursday, 21st July 2022. This event follows a Technical Consultation Workshop held earlier this year in April.

The development of a national source inventory will enable officials to identify the most important sources of marine litter entering the environment, waterways, and coastal seas.

The national inventory is expected to encompass statistics and databases on (plastic and other) product life cycles and flows, waste sources and streams, and data gathered through monitoring of freshwater and wastewater, coastal and marine environments.

By bringing different data sources together, Saint Lucia’s selected approach will provide the basis for strategic action.

In turn, a management action plan for marine litter management is under development to help build capacity and raise funding, map progress and identify existing frameworks and gaps, track compliance with guidelines, and be the foundation for inter-agency coordination.

Saint Lucia’s collaborative approach in the pursuit of a National Source Inventory on Plastic Pollution and Marine Litter and an ML-MAP is supported by the United Nations Environment Programme.

Source: Department of Sustainable Development

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  1. Yh check in front of the landings it’s all empty broken truck trailers with flat damaged tires and garbage for several acres going to The Landings, Sandals pigeon island , u would think these businesses would hire to clean it up collectively but no…right! Let the other man do it! Smph Clean up the trailer trash btw The Landings and PI causeway entrance, Shameful! …..Keep St Lucia Clean, The CC did a great job cleaning up after carnival.

  2. I sincerely hope this is NOT lip service. The amount of plastic litter on our roadways, gutters, canals, rivers and beaches SHOULD NOT BE!!! The public definitely are not taught on how to control/curtail their own garbage. And to make it worse, when this type of “Joe Public” is confronted with their nasty habit, their response is: “i’m giving somebody a job!” This is sheer ignorance – they are just advertising how dirty and nasty the type of homes they are from.

    Here I am forced to call out “Tribe Carnival Band” (can’t recall their actual name) who had “Beach Parties” on Vigie Beach. If you saw their nastiness left behind!! And close to the airport, where first time arriving visitors are met with filth along the the sides of the road, and on the beach. What was the Beaches and Parks Commission thinking?!? Or should the CCC also be laid to blame for such thoughtlessness in GIVING “those people” access and allowance to sully the environment with blatant disregard. Yes, there were workers on the beach the following day … but to have broken beer bottles on the road, plastics floating in the sea … not a thrilling sight. This should never have been allowed to happen. Shame on all the entities concerned.

    I am in total agreement with @Odd’s sentiments. Plastic garbage is a national eyesore, which should not be, or allowed to happen. I sincerely hope this “Management Action Plan” comes to fruition.

  3. Petty Crimes as well!

    People with light sentences should be placed on environmental cleanups to spend the time sentenced..contribute back to society…!!

  4. St.lucia isnt ready to tackle this LITTER problem head on, I have been on several round the island trips and I am trying to figure out why it is so difficult to locate a bin, the people i move around generate a lot of trash and those whom are environmentally conscious eventually end up going home with said garbage. Where have gotten such a disregard for proper waste disposal is beyond me…its clearly built-in to our upbringing and varies from person to person, but just for the sake of love for the land we have…its beauty…you would hope that keeping it clean was at the top of anyones moral list. Currently all waste from the south is being transported to Deglos, the present government needs to approach those with that contract and have them cover those trailers heading north.

    The amount of garbage spewing on the roadside are already an eye sore, right now they are contributing to it by the open trailers. The wind carries a fair share off the back of these trailers and they are lining the roads. Its an embarrassment to say the least. The Grassmen incharge of maintaining the roadside cut around the spewed garbage!…that is a disgusting mentality they seem to have, if you dont consider that part of your description request a raise in pay!…dont just blatantly cut around the garbage and leave it there…St.lucians please remember we are an island…heavily dependent on foreign entity…people travel thousand of miles to see what we have…enjoy what we have…and they pay for it.

    What do you think runs through their minds when they come from our international airports destined for the north and they see the degree of litter to our roadsides…Please respect Helen.


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