Thursday, February 27, 2020

Saint Lucia To Get Vehicle Pound

Local authorities have warned motorists who park illegally or drive without the required documents that their vehicles will be towed away to a new vehicle pound.

The new facility is expected to be in operation by the end of February 2020.

It will be located at Union.

Transport Minister Guy Joseph has lamented that citizens do not seem to have any regard for traffic laws.

Joseph, a former President of the National Council on Public Transportation, expressed alarm at the number traffic accidents in Saint Lucia.

While also expressing concern about stray animals on the road, Joseph noted that the Ministry of Transport could not erect a pound for animals.

“We are putting the pound for the vehicles – that’s our responsibility,” he told reporters.

“As I speak to you, the fencing is going up for the vehicle pound. I expect some time in February – by the time we implement our parking metres in Castries, the vehicle pound will be ready,” Joseph disclosed Monday.

He said with the vehicle pound in place, the police will have a secure place to which to tow away vehicles that are found in violation of the laws.



  1. Well that is putting the cart before the horse or the car before the horse (or cow) since stray cattle on our roads is a major traffic hazard. Priority was given to the pound which has the potential to bring in the most revenue. Quik quack.

  2. I agree 100% .There’s nothing in place for these Stray Animals on the Roads in St.Lucia .The Cows are on Display whether by day or Night at Choc .and other Locations in St.Lucia

  3. Yall just trying to find different ways to make life much difficult for citizens. When people think they will get a breakthrough it’s only more and more load on their back.This is why they have so much crime.. taxes for vehicles are so expensive. Vehicle tax.. car parts tax. It’s like money alone yall trying to grab. Give us a break! Road conditions are so bad here in st.lucia. Road going down to soufriere, sadly even some places in the city. Dont even talk for the millennium. Just damaging our vehicles. Money which pay for insurance or someone license has to sometimes go straight into repairing the vehicle. It’s re7ally unfair to us. It’s not like the economy is doing so good and people deliberately not doing things. I remember a time I went down in a pot hole my tire got cut and my rim got broken. U know how much money I had to spend. A tire was $270 and fixing the rim cost me $300. I didnt budget for that and it left me broke. People out here struggling. And some of these policemen has no discretion.

    • Well junior its senior here…u have a vehicle expect anything u make a child expect to spend u have life on a whole expect anything padna

    • A policeman’s job is to enforce the law and not use his discretion. The moment an officer uses discretion it leaves room for corruption. Take your issue to transport board next time and get compensated for your cut tyre and broken rim.

  4. You’re all missing the point of this exercise. Not one of you know’it’alls. Has said the real reason for the pound. it’s to enforce the ridiculous disregard for roadway law and order in St. Lucia. Right now it’s a free for all!

    Do whatever, whenever a driver wants. Consequences be damned! Now the shoe will be on the other foot. if you have to pay the tow fee, the storage fee. You’ll brighten up in a real hurry. This is a good idea on this government. We have to catch up to the real world. This is a step in the right direction. Make the fines hefty! Let the traffic flow!

  5. I disagree with locating the pound at Union, too far out of town. If its closer to the city then they can impound more cars and make more revenue and hopefully the arrogant and ignorant drivers will now know to obey the traffic laws finally.
    They have been doing it in little Grenada for over 15 years, they actually are more careful where they park in Gda.
    About time the laws are enforced here.

    Stray animals should be looked into as well, however one has to be geared up for taking care of the impounded animals. You don’t have to care for impounded cars.

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