Saint Lucia To Intensify Efforts To Reduce Serious Crime

The  Saint Lucia government has promised that in the coming year it will intensify efforts to reduce serious crime through the full implementation of the Safe City Closed-Circuit Television initiative and continued implementation of the community policing strategy.

The promise was conveyed Tuesday when Governor General Sir Emmanuel Neville Cenac delivered his throne speech to parliament.

The speech was dubbed: New Challenges – New Opportunities To Continue To Build A Stronger Saint Lucia Together.

Sir Emmanuel Neville Cenac

“Madam President, Mr. Speaker, as my Government seeks to secure the health and well-being of our nation, we are not blind to the fact that criminal activity does not lend itself to quarantine or isolation, nor is it easily daunted by national borders,” Cenac stated.

In addition to the Safe City closed circuit television initiative and community policing, he noted the vital role that forensic evidence plays in solving crime.

As a result, the Governor General disclosed that the plan to transform Forensic Services in Saint Lucia by 2022 will continue.

He told parliament that there will be specific focus on the enactment of the Criminal Investigations (Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)) Bill, which will provide for DNA analysis and testing in the investigation and prosecution of offences.

Cenac also noted that  it is imperative that Saint Lucia protects its borders even while participating fully in the international arena.

In this regard, he explained that the Saint Lucia Border Control Agency will be created, comprising Customs and Excise, Immigration, the Police Marine unit and Quarantine functions.

According to the Governor General, the Saint Lucia Border Control Agency Act will establish the agency and set out related governance arrangements.

“A modern border management system which will be an integral element of the Agency’s operations, will permit a more efficient flow of people and goods, while enhancing risk assessment and border control,” he asserted.


  1. The crime situation in St. Lucia has been allowed to fester for too long. People have lost all confidence in the present National Security Minister. It is morally repugnant for this man to receive a monthly salary of a Cabinet Minister is unjustifiable. It is insanity. Never have I seen a Minister of government so unfit for his post. Just like the situation with Ubaldus, Chastanet stubbornly refuses to replace or fire this misfit. I will only take the government seriously about crime when they make the first step by removing the present National Security Minister.

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