Saint Lucia To Introduce ‘Draconian’ Penalties For Gun Crimes

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Saint Lucia is seeking to introduce stiff new penalties for gun crimes, including possession of illegal weapons and ammunition, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has announced.

The announcement came amidst a surge in gun violence, contributing to 17 homicides this year.

The PM has described the situation as alarming.

Speaking to reporters on Monday on the sidelines of a cabinet meeting, Pierre, responsible for National Security, disclosed that his administration would be going to parliament soon to change laws relating to illegal possession of guns and ammunition.

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“These crimes with these weapons must stop,” the Castries East MP asserted.

“So we are going to be stiffening the penalties, and they are going to be very draconian penalties when it comes to guns and ammunition,” Pierre stated.

He acknowledged that the government could not determine what the courts do due to the separation of powers between the judiciary and the legislature.

“But as far as the legislature is concerned, we are going to advise cabinet so we can instruct the AG to stiffen, really stiffen the penalties for gun possession, gun-related crime and ammunition,” the PM told reporters.

Headline photo: Internet stock image courtesy Andy Montes de Oca

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  1. Pip you need to provide security for the citizens of this country. IT IS YOUR JOB !! Success will be determined by prosecuting criminals (getting them off the streets) and by decreasing the murder rate. THAT’S IT !!

    Last time you went to have a talk with the police and you told them to take pride in their job and look at their job as a legacy.

    This is your opportunity to take pride in your job and leave a lasting legacy. Stop playing around with people…YOU AND ALOT OF THESE POLITICIANS CAN DO MORE !!

    You all are not working hard enough. You the boss, you running the country… WE WANT RESULTS, MAKE IT HAPPEN !!

    You all have degrees, you all have credentials….You, Alva, kenny all of you all, sit down and come up with a plan. STOP BULLSHITING…People want RESULTS !!

  2. Fly a finger, for anyone caught with an illegal firearm and an arm for anyone charged in a shooting plus jail time

  3. Hahaha – one thing for sure, Lucians voted for a politician but it looks like they have a Comedian in Office. Pierre is really entertaining with his ideas. He is slowly becoming the laughing stock in government. He is all over the place with his ideas First of all, he bought eleven vehicles and promise some more. He called it help or step in a direction. Then he is going after the laws to make them dorcanian. I bet you some local lawyers must be laughing. They already have a line of defence – precedenc of the law will become very popular in court. Pierre never had a plan and will never have a plan. At this point, I am not sure where is safer, slu or Ukraine. St.Lucia is really becoming a cemetery for Lucians. They are there to die – thanks to Pierre and his Cabals

  4. You came in to power and expunged the records of those who had infractions with the law under the previous administration. The former PM KDA, was the one who went to the US to say that the police had a hitlist. Now tell me isn’t that empowering the criminals. From my little vantage point.

  5. I will believe when I see it happenning. This article feels like de ja vu because this is simply all it is!!!

  6. I am not convinced, show us you really mean business. Bring back the guys ‘Restore Confidence’ armed with Guns, wipe out some bad guys, show you mean business, but you PjP are just too soft for the times we’re living in.
    These guys mean business, you can’t dead with them with todays type of policing, they will outgun you, they don’t care who gets hurt, if you stand in their way, they’ll shoot you; in one month they’ve killed one cop and shot another.
    You will have to bring in some bad ass guys from outside to do the work, or else. Do you remember what Chas once said, “If you can’t, I’ll do it” sounds laughable, but laugh now, the laugh is on you.
    Its no laughing matter, but I pray for some miracle for St. Lucia:-their boss will be caught.

  7. Typical politicians, as I have said before, these Clowns 🤡 are reacting to what’s happening in St. Lucia. These Laws should have been enacted long before.

    For every illegal weapon; No BAIL, an automatic 5yrs, depending on the caliber it’s another 5yrs and 1yr for each bullet.

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