Saint Lucia To Launch Annual Men’s Convocation Amid Gun Crime Concerns

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The Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment is bringing together several Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) and other social partners, in an attempt to build capacity and strengthen their operational efficiency as a means of tackling social ills, specifically with the upsurge in crime and gun violence.

As the world commemorates the efforts of men under the banner of Father’s Day on June 20, Ministry officials are lamenting the erosion of basic societal values that speak to peace, love, care and concern for fellowmen.

Values that traditionally formed the core of human interactions and once characterized life of our nation are slowly being eroded.

Therefore, the Ministry of Equity considers “Father’s Day as an opportune time for fathers and men in general to internalize and reflect on themselves and to determine if they are living up to that innate higher leadership mantle which has been entrusted to them,” exclaimed Minister Hon. Joachim Henry.

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The Minister also takes this opportunity to extend Happy Father’s Day Greetings to all fathers and encourages them to continue to take up their responsibility with a certain level of pride and dignity; and that renewed commitment to their call as fathers and head of households will no doubt, signal a reassuring and positive message to our young aspiring fathers.

The male leadership chasm he bemoans, keeps getting wider and society as a unit cannot simply standby and watch.

The Minister asserts, his Ministry, together with its many intervention programs spearheaded by Social Transformation Officers (STOs), Welfare Workers and Family Case Workers that touched families at the core, are once again taking major steps to make more
robust and effective, the structures and functioning of the vital groups in society.

“These groups and clubs, if they live up to their ethos have the wherewithal to change attitudes and lifestyles of those most affected by crime and violence and critically mentor leadership among the male population,” remarked Henry.

A particular focus is being placed on fathers and men folk at the community level, to ensure they are provided with a suitable forum to air their concerns, challenges and to offer them the opportunity to make and own practical solutions to address the myriad of social ills plaguing our society.

As a direct means of mitigating the unhealthy trend of crime and gun related violence currently plaguing society, the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment in collaboration with its critical partners, will convene a major Convocation for Men that will facilitate free and frank discussions on several social issues confronting families and the wider society.

Permanent Secretary, Velda Joseph says the Convocation will be an annual forum for men and will seek to galvanize Saint Lucia’s male folk to greater action both within their family unit and the wider society.

PS Joseph says such an initiative is to signal a renewed deeper interest in the role of men, not just as household leaders, but more importantly, as community leaders.

The Ministry of Equity therefore makes an assertive call to all our fathers and men folk across the society to be more deliberate with their continued contribution towards elevating our social ills.

The objective of the upcoming Convocation for Men is to ensure men are given the opportunity to air their concerns and challenges, and to play a more effective role both in the prevention and solution process of addressing Saint Lucia’s social issues.

The Ministry of Equity anticipates the full collaboration of key stakeholders and looks forward to making the upcoming event a success.

More details of the upcoming forum will be released later, as the Ministry advances with its plan for this necessary initiative.

Source: Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment

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  1. To Solve a problem you need to address the cause not the symptom. When you back poor people into a corner, constantly strip away the limited rights they have, exploit them, limit their opportunities, discriminate them and the list goes on and on. What do we expect the end result to be? Some of the laws the government put in place in recent years and designed specifically for the rich to exploit the poor and underprivilege. Don’t feed the Horse that carries your goods to market and see what happens. Our society will collapse if the core issues affecting people are not addressed.

  2. @ C-wiz ALL good points especially 8 and 12. I wonder if Lucian politicians and senior public servants ever read these comments. It might actually give them some productive ideas…

  3. To him who is able to establish and the proclamation of Jesus Christ, according to revelation of the mystère hidden for long ages past, but now revealed and made known through the prophetic writings by the command of the eternal God,so that all nations might beleive and obey him- to the only wise God be glory forever through Jesus Christ ! Amen

  4. Give out life sentences to persons found with firearm . Stop giving them bail … no more bull crap seminars at expensive hotels and expensive lunches . Give the money to the police for more crime fighting / solving capabilities …

  5. What are you going to do about this scourge? Pray about it?…you hard heads don’t listen… You let the symptoms turn into full blown disease then you want to act….to late..the horse has already bolted..but I give you the benefit of the doubt to atleast try to fix your failings…yet I won’t hold my breath….the key to solving this crime issue is to recognise that society as a whole is failing…
    1) we need programs that develop citizens who will do their part as citizens of a proud country… program that seek to develop every citizens strength identified when they are young..
    2) community and government support for struggling parents who find it difficult to make ends meet…..
    3) every citizen must attaint tertiary level education
    4) diversify the economy…too much emphasis on tourism…this sector cannot employ the entire nation….seek other means of creating high level jobs in untapped areas of job creation and employment
    5). Sport, sport ,sport…give the people sport to enjoy themselves whether recreationally or professionally… football, basketball, tennis, cricket, chess, Karate, swimming, running, cycling, judo, sailing, boat rowing races (we have a naturally long harbour why aren’t there rowing races in it? Why is it only for cruise ship to dock?), Fencing, archery, polo?
    6) Built a science team that will be responsible for innovation and development which is uniquely Saint Lucian…. research and development…give the people something more to be proud of…
    7) Our Nobel laureates should be household names in all schools on the island…their work should be taught at every level of schooling….why haven’t we used Sir Arthur Lewis’s economic model to revolutionise our economy? His thesis was written since the 70s yet we have failed to implement his Nobel laureate winning strategy…a failure of all successive governments….shame.
    8) a program of 6 months civic duty to be done by every citizen to learn and understand their importance of being a contributor to Saint Lucia’s success….
    9)punish crime severely, gun possession should have draconian punishments, criminals should be dealt with within the law but they should feel the fear of the law…
    10) stump out corruption…it kills a country.
    11) our people should stop playing divided politics…we are all Saint Lucians…
    12)keep religion out of politics…keep your religion in your home where it is private… religion accomplishes nada… praying is even more useless.

    Etc etc etc….

  6. In a technological world it bring its fair share of disaster to society. The crime situation is not an isolated one. We are putting all our eggs in tourism basket for the past 25 years and it yields what:- corruption, hatred, thieves, poverty, food insecurities, poor health care system – we are worst than Haiti medical care just imagine that, poor road infrastructure, i will assume we spend the most on roads building and rehabilitation projects in the world combine in the last 2 decades, we spend premium cost to build roads on an island which is 98% of rocks, isn’t that an insult to our vast resource of civil engineers? with just the few above mention combination you cannot or will not be able to eradicate crime to the level we are now experiencing.

  7. “Values that traditionally formed the core of human interactions and once characterized life of our nation are slowly being eroded.”

    Take a walk through the capital to see the slum it is. Our kids’s brains are poisoned constantly. Music, behaviours, alcohol. They will grow up to emulate this. We’re at the point where if we don’t reverse this moral and social decay, this place will be lost forever.


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