Saint Lucia To Launch ‘Banana Inspired Recipe Book’

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has disclosed that Saint Lucia is developing a ‘Banana Inspired Recipe Book’, as part of an effort to brand local bananas as a “Premium” agricultural product.

“This recipe book will serve as a guide for alternative cooking uses of our bananas such as banana smoothies, banana bread and banana desserts among others,” Chastanet explained Monday on his official Facebook page.

He made the comments as cabinet concluded a meeting on the banana industry with high level officials from the Ministry of Agriculture.

The PM observed that the main focus of the meeting was to discuss the critical challenges which banana farmers face, the recommended solutions and some of the opportunities which  farmers should prepare themselves for.

“As we move forward, the branding of our banana as a “Premium” agricultural product is a major part of our strategic efforts,” Chastanet declared.


  1. Lately there has been an absence of press conferences and investigative journalism and news are been generated from face book pages of senior public officials.
    Wow so much for accountability.

    • Thank you!!!!! $35 a tonne. According to him, his father was in Guadeloupe negotiating the final parts of the deal. That was the night of the now infamous uwp victory. Lucian people need to wake up and treat that borbolist like what he really is.

  2. You all have problem some lucians that is why some of you all will always stay behind.Negative that is why you all children has no respect for society, because of some of you all behavior.

    • concern if u were sooo concerned u wud realize st lucia has an urgent state of affairs right now with the crime deh…so chek ur statement deh

  3. is that the news thats worth hearing about??? u people must take journalism more seriously. this crap should not be in news. and the PM have no shame to be touting banana recipe book? is that all we capable of on that island? awah for u all people!

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