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Updated on June 2, 2020 1:26 pm
Updated on June 2, 2020 1:26 pm
Updated on June 2, 2020 1:26 pm

Saint Lucia To Review Building Codes, Hurricane Shelters

Saint Lucia is to reassess building codes and hurricane shelters in light of the devastation caused in the Bahamas by Hurricane Dorian.

Infrastructure Minister Stephenson King told reporters Tuesday that in light of what transpired in the Bahamas and considering the intensity of hurricanes now, preparation has to be made for even more intense weather systems that can strike at any time.

King, who is also responsible for  Ports, Energy and Labour, noted that weather systems are now packing winds of 200 mph but moving at about 5 mph.

“That is dangerous, so we now need to look at the new building codes in terms of which schools – not any school can be a hurricane shelter,” the Castries North MP explained.

“Not any building can be a hurricane shelter,” King stated.

He told reporters that now, in the planning of local buildings, there is need to develop building codes.

The former Prime Minister spoke of the need to identify specific buildings in designated locations that can serve as hurricane shelters.



  1. Not only Codes, but inspector’s capable of enforcing the Code. Right now building in St. Lucia is a free for all. Basically it an honor system. Few builders have honor, it’s all bottom line. Cut corners at all costs, to save costs!

  2. Bossman- The building code was reviewed + revised as recent as 2018!! You all are running around like mad ants in the wake of Dorian. Unless you plan to build 2-foot thick reinf. concrete bunkers all over the island (not in flood/ landslide/ earthquake/ theft/ vandalism/ storm surge prone zones tho), the intensity of storms like Dorian will always be destructive. As veteran politicians, you and your Yellow & Red colleagues have failed to enforce local laws regarding building! You all have promoted illegal occupation of lands for your voters and dismissed the advice by technical personnel! Furthermore- some of you get “boners” in the wake of severe weather so that you can benefit from heavy equipment and construction works!!!!!

  3. Choops tan King. What does King know about building codes? Choops. Allu approve settlements in Flood Zones and expect the homes not to get flooded. Mwen Mem. What code or engineering saving a building with galvanise roof form flying in 200mph winds? Thegovt buildings are in front the Harbour with no plan for preventing Flood Waters. Choops Tan Politicians.

  4. Now when are you planning to implement all the codes ,that have come out of your brain bashing.Please let us know what new codes,

  5. Paleface & Guy Fawkes: you’ve said everything that I could have said, and I can’t add anything more.
    From what we’ve all seen, I doubt anyone today can say, they’ve experienced anything like Dorian. The
    impact of this force proved to me that, For Engineers & Architects to design any structure, be it for Residential
    Commercial or Industrial to stand and resist the force of s similar hurricane,you will need a Structural Design at a
    cost twice the Estimated value of same structure., and good luck.
    I’ve been around a longtime and I’ve lived through some hurricanes, but never seen anything like this and who knows
    it may not be the last of this kind. Believe it or not, these are the End Times and brace yourself. As for me and my family
    we take the ”high road’ i.e. Prayer and not only for ourselves, but for the poor on all the Islands. Don’t delay, start now.’

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