Saint Lucia To Vet Medical Staff On Visiting US Hospital Ship

The Ministry of Health and Wellness has given the assurance that all visiting medical staff participating in a free medical mission here will be vetted as per legal requirements by the respective Medical and Dental, Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Health Councils.

In a statement Thursday, the ministry said practitioners who satisfy the requirements for licensing and registration will be authorized to practice.

The ministry, in collaboration with the Ministry of External Affairs, is coordinating the voluntary medical mission by the United States Naval Ship (USNS) Comfort, due to be in Saint Lucia from September 23 to October 2, 2019.

The ship will be berthed at Port Castries and two ‘walk in’ clinics will be set up at the OKEU hospital and one other site, to provide general clinical services.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness says all services will be provided free of charge and are available for all who would need care.

It disclosed that there is no pre-registration or appointment necessary for the clinics.

“Persons can simply walk in and request medical care,” according to the ministry statement.

It noted that under the national coordination of the Department of External Affairs, an initial coordinating meeting was held on July 18, 2019 with the Ministry of Health, representatives of the USNS delegation and key Ministries including Ministry of Finance, Agriculture, Home Affairs, Immigration, Saint Lucia Fire Service, OECS Commission and office of the Prime Minister.

“All parties are working together to facilitate a safe and organised voluntary health mission,” the statement observed.

The statement said a list of all medication and medical supplies to be used during the mission has been requested and is currently being vetted by the Drug Inspector, in keeping with the laws of Saint Lucia.

“As we have done in the past with other visiting health missions, our local health teams will be working alongside the visiting volunteers. A register of patients seen will be kept and all cases will be referred to local health professionals as necessary, for follow up to ensure continuity of care. Patients seeking surgical care should be accompanied by a family member or friend before care is granted,” it noted.






    • There are no conspiracy theories. Think: Why would teh US with allits own healthcare probems want to give St Lucia free health care? 1932 the Tuskegee experiment! Was that a conspiracy theory? This Ship carries the symbol of death and within it is nothing but death. Which healthcare? Why are we so gullible? Letthis ship go back from whence it came,smh

  1. Dont go. Dont trust the US. Their own people don’t receive free health care. Do you really think that you are more important to them than their own people? Or they are just trying to find a way to spread deadly desease amongst our people. Lets see how long after it will take before an outbreak I’m some sort of sickness. After their departure. Waiting to be proved wrong.

  2. Don’t mean to stare a gift horse in the eyes but…
    Free? We are a black nation which has been labelled third world based on criteria that we cannot influence.
    I do not trust this thing at all. Doctors who barely pass their exams may be on that ship. We will be very OK if we just plant what we eat and stop eating their GMO and processed foods.

  3. Yes there were some terrible things that happened in two labs in Africa.Two labs were atacked by animal protection fanatics,the facilities were ram sacked and all the animals were set free.These fanatics forgot to think of the consequences of their acts,these animals were used for medical experiments,and inoculated with various deseases.This was a disaster for humanity,AIDS that was a monkey desease,became a human desease,and here we are 50 years latter.Other things happened with some pharmaceutical experiments in Brasil,and other parts of the world.Now were do we stand these days? for the thousands that have traveled to the USA for medical treatment,from all the Caribean,and that are gratefull to still be alive.Im going to the boat,Im an old man,I dont have the thousands they want to charge me,to keep me alive.They will let me die,nobody will help me except my family that will have to sacrifice the food on the table to try to keep this old man alive.You will all get old one day,remember these words.

    • They Have no Soul, so they will try all sorts to get us to destroy each other. Like we always say, until it touches home, we won’t feel it.

  4. We are a 3rd world country and the US is not. Don’t you think they have enough tricks to hide whatever they really want to test on St Lucians? Why don’t they go give free health care in the US itself ? Hmmm see what happened in Guatemala and now the sorry from them.

    • Read! As far back as 1932 when the blackmales thought they were receiving healthcare. They got SYPHILLIs! part of a huge experiment they were. BEWARE of this hospital ship!

  5. I see my ppl are waking up to the world of conspiracies and deceptions. You are right, nothing in life is free. Just for the doubting mind, research pharmakia (sorcery) or drugs the legal ones. They have been practicing witchcraft on us for thousands of years with meds that ulter your mind, voodoo economics, brain wash education to make us the fool. Wake up Lucians!

    • The government can ban foam products and plastics, but not cigarettes? If it is indeed killing us, giving us cancer, who not ban it. Jah created the rain so we can get water to drink, but the government will stop you from pumping water for your own use. We’re most times running on half a hospital if not none, And i cannot Stress the point more that we are not being taken care of. All that money the Taiwanese government have given to ya’ll, you cannot pick your priorities? So now we are left to the americans for healthcare? Maybe if we stopped importing all that crap we wouldn’t need to go to the hospital so often. And Yes, i don’t trust them round my bloodline for nothing!

    • Evrything that is offered for free especially for NEGROES should be held suspect! A people who do not remember he things of the past are bound to make the same mistake. The TUSKEGEE Experiment of 1932 should never be forgotten. Why the Caribbean? Free healthcare no appointment? Thats the same thing they told our NEGRO brethren in 1932! READ! Now they are asking our ST Lucian brothers and sisters to come voluntarily and be lab rats! Tell them to go back with their ship, hook, line and sinker to the US!

  6. Remeber the history of the Tuskegee experiment of 1932. The USgovernment promised NEGRO males healthcare but they eneded up receiving SYPHYLIS instead. BEWARE the US hospital ship because we might just be another TUSKEGEE in the making. Who told them we needed their assitance in the first place? ST LUCIANS wake up!

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