Saint Lucia Undertakes Sports Development Survey

The Ministry of Youth Development and Sports has recognised the need for a more strategic and focused approach to sports development.

While the ministry continues to engage various sectors throughout the country, it also aims to create an efficient avenue for groups and individuals in the public to share their views and recommendations on Saint Lucia’s sports development, through a brief online survey.

The Ministry of Youth Development and Sports is in the process of engaging with stakeholder groups, nationwide. This survey is one step of the process, with the intent of providing a timely and accessible platform to hear views and recommendations.

The Ministry is seeking the help of the populace to share constructive views and perspectives towards the development of sport and its role in national development.

The online survey can be completed via


  1. Still finding out what we need?still wasting our money? When do you think you can acomplish something of some value for St Lucia,something that will impact our comunity in some way.What a circus of clowns you all are

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