Saint Lucia Using Two Electronic Monitors For People In Home Quarantine

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Saint Lucia will be using two electronic monitors to keep track of people in home quarantine.

The Ministry of Health says the devices are the BioIntellisense BioButton and the  Amber wristwatch.

The Acting National Epidemiologist has been explaining  how the devices function.

Dr. Dana Gomez said the BioButton is a disposable, one time use body sensor.

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She  observed that it about the size of a quarter.

Manufacturers have designed it for individuals to wear on the left side of the chest.

“It is small and unnoticeable,” she said in a recorded statement on Monday.

According to Gomez, the BioButton monitors the vitals of people in quarantine.

She said those individuals may be at high risk for developing COVID-19

Gomez disclosed that the device provides continuous temperature, respiratory rate and heart rate measurements to the user.

The Acting National Epidemiologist observed that this enables early detection of potential cases.

On the other hand, she pointed out that the Amber wristwatch resembles a smart watch.

“Through its geofencing capability it ensures that persons wearing the device remain within the the confines of their home as per home quarantine protocols,” Gomez stated.

According to her, it also allows for the monitoring of vitals of the quarantined individual.

As a result, Gomez said the Ministry of Health would detect if someone develops symptoms during their quarantine period.

The senior Saint Lucia health official disclosed that the BioButton  will cost USD $100.00 for the 14 day period and the Wristwatch USD $75.00 for 14 days.

Health officials have expressed the view that through improved monitoring, the devices will aid in ensuring that people remain at home during their period of home quarantine.

Gomez observed that the authorities have observed gaps regarding home quarantine since they instituted the measure.

“A of persons who have been granted that privilege have not been keeping with the         requirements and have challenged the ministry’s resources to keep track of them,” she noted.

Gomez indicated that by introducing the monitoring devices, officials aim to improve surveillance.

Headline photo caption: Woman displays BioIntelliSense BioButton (Internet stock image)

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