Saint Lucia vigil planned for the late Botham Shem Jean

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A Saint Lucia vigil is being planned for Botham Shem Jean, who was shot dead at his home  on Thursday by a female Dallas police officer.

The one hour vigil is carded for Tuesday, September 11 from 6 pm at the La Clery playing field as a show of solidarity with the grieving family and to echo calls for justice to be served.

One of the organisers of the event, Nicole David, said when the planners heard the news of Jean’s death and the circumstances surrounding his fatal shooting, it hit them ‘really hard’

“I am a mother and my son is the same age as this young man,” David told St Lucia Times.

She recalled reaching out to some others to organise the vigil in support of the family of the deceased.

“The way it happened – he was such a promising young man, so innocent and this came right to his doorstep so it is really sad, heartbreaking – it’s injustice,” David asserted.

“We want America especially to know – we want this to reach them. We are not going to take this lightly. We want justice.”

“We are Saint Lucians and that is the bottom line. We feel the family’s pain,” David, who is close to the family declared.

“It could have been my son. It could have been somebody else’s son. There are so many Saint Lucians who have kids – they send them to further their education abroad and you never know,” she told St Lucia Times.

David said the vigil, which is still in the planning stages, will seek to incorporate prayer, singing and speeches.

“It is going to be very tight – just one hour,” she explained, adding that the programme  is in the process of being finalised.

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  1. I’m a Dominican and I also sympathise with the family of the victim. so sad to lose a friend, son, family member in these circumstances. I think as one person suggested the American media should be made aware of the civil or other organisations to bring out the message. CNN, Fox, Aljazeera, BBC and other media outlets should be aware of th is horrific and senseless act. Dominica stand in solidarity with our sister island

  2. Amen to that ..sorry for their loss dont know the young man but i know all of his family members on his mother’s side.hope she rott behind bars.soo sad

  3. I am from the states. Chicago, Illinois to be exact, where the media would have you believe we live in a virtual war zone! (We don’t but that’s a different post!) I implore thee, as many of you St. Lucian’s that will, contact your embassy or country representative and demand that this officer be held accountable! Too many times Law Enforcement has gotten away with cold blooded murder while minorities and immigrants get the short end of the stick even with petty crime.

  4. Our deepest sympathy for the family of the decease , we share with you in your lost as we offer our prayers
    Lucian Canadians, it is with deep sadness
    Marie Celia Faisal @ family

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