Saint Lucia Wants To Eliminate Tuberculosis By 2035

The Ministry of Health here has announced plans to eliminate tuberculosis (TB) by 2035.

The disclosure came as representatives of the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) visited the Island recently, to conduct monitoring and assessments in connection with the disease.

According to the Communications Unit of the Ministry of Health, the review of the tuberculosis work plan provided an opportunity to assess the implementation of interventions to fight the illness and determine the progress made towards reaching the programme’s target. 

The unit quoted Acting Senior Medical Officer in the Infectious Diseases Unit, Dr. Gail Gajadhar, as saying that health authorities here want persons to remember that TB is still out there and the goal is to eliminate it.

“We want to eliminate TB by 2035. We are a low incidence country and we want to work towards elimination,” she explained.

“So, we want to put TB on everyone’s forefront; we want persons to realize that TB is still out there. We might not have many cases, but TB is still out there; we want to capture all the TB cases if possible that we have and not miss any cases that might be out there, whether they be adult or pediatric cases,” Gajadhar stated.

The development of the TB work plan was made possible through the support of PAHO in conjunction with the Global Fund multi-country strategic grant, it was reported.



  1. This is great news lets get all vaccined,and at an afordable price bacause thats our basic problem,the price of these vaccines is high in the USA,and that kills us

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