Saint Lucia Water Emergency Revoked

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Press Release: The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, Natural Resources and Cooperatives through the Water Resources Management Agency (WRMA) takes this opportunity to inform the public that Statutory Instrument, 2020, No.75 [Water and Sewerage (Water-Related Emergency Declaration) Order] has been revoked with effect from Monday, August 17, 2020. Significant improvement in water availability has been observed in many water supply systems across the island including the John Compton Dam. This has afforded the water utility (WASCO) to ease their rationing regime, especially to the north of the island.

As restrictions for the use of potable water have been lifted, the WRMA takes this opportunity to remind all, that water conservation practices should still be adhered to and implemented. Extreme weather variability and climate change are key factors of recent and future intense droughts and therefore the Agency encourages the augmentation of water volumes on a household level through “Rain Water Harvesting.” This will help to fill the water supply gap when shortages occur, or in areas WASCO is unable to supply potable water.

We thank you for your understanding and support during the ninety (90) day period for which the water related emergency was in force and ask that you protect and preserve the natural environment and water resources of the country.

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Editorial Staff
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