Saint Lucia Welcomes Cuban Medical Team

Press Release:-  Prime Minister Honourable Allen Chastanet has expressed immense thanks to the Government and People of Cuba as 113 Cuban medical professionals arrived in Saint Lucia to lend support to Saint Lucia’s ongoing efforts to strengthen the health system amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We know that every country in the world is facing their own challenges at this time including Cuba and we are so very thankful for this immense show of brotherhood from this longstanding friend of Saint Lucia,” said PM Chastanet. 

“On behalf of the Government and People of Saint Lucia, we thank the Cuban President and Cuba’s Ambassador to our island H.E. Alejandro Simancas Marin for their efforts to assist Saint Lucia. This is a true show of unity and caring and we are proud that Cuba has been among the nations leading the charge to find treatment for COVID-19 and helping hard hit countries such as Italy. Although Saint Lucia has only had three confirmed cases, we are in preparation mode, setting up our quarantine and respiratory hospital facilities, as well as transitioning to OK-EU. Our local team have been working very hard and going above and beyond as our country tries to be as prepared as we possibly can. The Cuba team will be of great help in stabilizing that initial transitioning phase to the new hospital and providing support in some of these areas.”

The Prime Minister thanked the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba, the Ministry of Health and Wellness, the Ministry of Tourism, Saint Lucia Tourism Authority, the Saint Lucia/Cuba Association, the Saint Lucia Air and Seaports Authority, the External Affairs Ministry, Bahamas Air, Sandals Resorts and all those who assisted in ensuring this came to fruition. 

“There are many people working behind the scenes to have made this happen in a short space of time and we are grateful for their hard work,” noted Prime Minister Chastanet. 


  1. With no disrespect, what covid are you paying these 113 cubans to combat when st lucia has had only 3 confirmed cases who were all non-nationals? The cubans went to assist in Italy where they have hundreds of deaths daily so I understand they need help. St Lucia had 3 cases and these 3 people have most likely returned to their country of residence but 113 people are brought over from Cuba to combat “cases to be diagnosed”. The point I am trying to make here is they have brought them down too early to be paid wages from now on. To pay these 113 people wages from now until when? They could have brought down 20/30 people but not 113.

    • Enquiring Retarded Mind, don’t you understand anything about preparing in advance. Must we wait to have a whole set of cases to then invite the Cubans? Welcome to the Cubans. Thanks Cuba.

  2. as long as you all dont take any chinese doctors. we will end up with more covid to make us sick. so no stupid decisions chastanet. if they come nice thats just to sweeten you al before covid strike. please no chinese doctors. we cant end up worst than we are. now you all know your government people ignorant and stupid. recall this warning. say thanks but no thanks.

    • We St Lucians are always quick to say people are racist but we have a serious xenophobia problem. Why should we reject Chinese doctors if it ever came to that? Do all Chinese people have COVID-19 just because the first cases originated from there?

      Wherever the source, many countries around the world now have confirmed cases of the virus, even Cuba. In that case, if we want to reject Chinese doctors, we should also reject the Cuban doctors. I’m sure precautions have been taken to ensure that any outside medical professionals we allow in don’t bring us more trouble; it would be be stupid of the government to do otherwise.

      I’m thankful for the Cuban doctors and for the other measures put in place to help us fight this disease. The government is doing its part, let’s do ours. (And, please, let’s stop discriminating against people because of their race, nationality, whatever; it’s disgusting and unrighteous.)

      • aLucian,
        Your slap-down of “ignorant and stupid” charlie boy is right on; except for your own ignorant and stupid “the first cases originated from there”.

        However, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt for typing slower than your brain was thinking, and forgetting to type “reportedly” between “cases” and “originated”.

        You see, the strange cases of pneumonia associated with the “Covid-19” were observed by doctors in the US, Italy, Austria, and the UK, as early as November 2019, without their knowledge of the existence of “Covid-19”. In the US, these cases were white-washed as “vaping illness”.

        What is known for sure is that Covid-19 was genetically (chimeric) engineered by researchers at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, as early as 2015, from the bat virus obtained from China, which at that time could not jump from bats to humans. The purpose of the genetic engineering was to create the means for the virus to have “hooks” for binding to the ACE-2 receptors in human lung tissue, just as had been done for SARS before.

        What happened since then is shrouded in secrecy; secrecy under which the hundreds of US bio-weapons’ labs around the world operate. Ask yourself: “What purpose do these US bio-weapons’ labs serve?”

      • Tell that to the china man…they’re just opportunist chasing money and has no regards for other races,they mostly keep to themselves,they don’t believe in bi-racial,they don’t have interest in learning other languages,they come to your country and talk shri,shri,shri among themselves,it would disgust them to see a blackman effing their daughter…any substance is a resource for a chiney,including shit…they plant garlic in their feaces..they make chunks from cardboard and they make rice from plastic and with no regards to other humans they distribute it to the world.

      • Dear Nudge,

        I accept your praises and admonitions, and I bow down to your superior intellect, admitting all the while that I am stupid and ignorant, possessing a fast brain but slow fingers. Wait, no, is it a slow brain but fast fingers??? Oh my, I am so confused!!! You see, I do need you to help me sort it all. And I am even now prostrate at your feet (though I am NOT worthy!), ready to absorb whatever crumbs of wisdom you deign to pass my way.

        Please, I beg, free me from the chains of the mainstream media, and feed me all your conspiracy theories and so-called mysteries shrouded in secrecy. I am ready to eat it all; I am ready to drink it all. Fill me, I am ready to believe!

        Thank you, o great one, thank you,


      • a-a-Lucian,
        You’re playing victim, since I called your phrase, “the first cases originated from there”, ignorant and stupid!

        -It’s very easy to find the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill research paper which details the protocol of experiments that changed, via genetic engineering, the bat virus which had no means of jumping from bat to humans directly, to one that could be made to bind to human lung tissue via ACE-2 receptors in the lower respiratory tract. This research was funded by USAID, the ‘humanitarian’ face of the CIA.

        -Please answer what purpose it serves for the US to have illegal (the sole reason for secrecy) bio-weapons labs on the borders of the nations which refuse to submit to its imperial designs; those nations each being struck with single distinct strains of CV.

        -How do you account for Maatje Benassi being named as one of the first US cases to contract the CV after she represented the US as part of the contingent of participants in the Military Games in Wuhan in October, 2019? Only thereafter in early December were these strange pneumonia cases being reported by Chinese doctors.

        -How do you account for the 2 US aircraft carrier groups in the Pacific becoming hog-tied with crewmen stricken by CV, when they have not even been near China?

        -How do you account for the Japanese cruise ship passengers being stricken with the disease, when all they did was take a cruise to the Hawaiian islands?

        Your comments reveal that you have suspended all disbelief, and swallowed whole the propaganda emanating from the corporate press; a very lazy stance from which to launch your concern trolling against the even more ignorant ‘Charlie Boy’.

    • @Nudge

      Thanks for the extra teachings. I, once again, concede defeat. I would show my expanded respect by waving the white flag of surrender but, as I’m still prostrate at your feet in obeisance, it’s somewhat difficult at the moment. However, trust me when I say that my mind has been thoroughly enlightened by what you have shared and my ‘mouth’ will no longer spew forth ignorant ramblings. Henceforth, my lazy self will only be instructed by you. Please return and teach me more … I am waiting 🙂

      • Hold your ***. Viva Fidel ! You vision will live on forever. The US sending any ??? Where is the ship ??? England sending any ???? When you look at the pressure Cuba is facing daily and for them to extend to us what other countries like the UK bawling for is simply amazing and I hear they develop a vaccine too Jamaica tagging with them to get it Chastanet better do the same

  3. Enquiring minds is either u cannot read or you didn’t read the topic at all…they did state it is a “lend support”…you kunumunu!…offcourse we need to ensure that we facilitate them with the best accomodation availablle,they actually put their lives on the forefront of a contagious infectious deadly disease to show their compassion to fellow brotherhood..if you do not have any insight it’s best you keep at the back of you shut!…..

  4. “Longstsnding friend”…. Brotherhood ” Did he really said that? George Odlum must be screaming in his grave!! 1234…1234…..1234567.

    • HUSH!you attention seeker…George Odlum(may he R.I.P) wanted the exact regime and lifestyle of Cuba for this country,his kids and somany of his extended families and countless st.lucian ppl got the opportunity of scholarships to study in Cuba…Fidel Castro also has been the longest serving leader in the entire world,he have let his Dr.troops unto every forefront of every epidemic disease that has invade the world,enemy or not,be it biological or natural,Ebola Sars,H1N1 and so forth…yuh need fi due respect yuh semi gorgor

  5. Hoping that non of these people have the virus unknowingly
    In these times one can’t be to careful

  6. Lol at some of these comments. The world could be ending black people will still disagree and argue with each who started it..😄

  7. I’m happy and all, and thankful that the doctors are coming to help, and even more happy that we as Lucians are finally trying to be smart and proactive about something and not make it about stupid politics; but why are they not standing 6 feet apart from each other like the entire world has been instructed, virus or not

  8. Allen Chastanet , the government and we the people of Saint Lucia must value the Cuban educational system and Cuban graduates more, and strengthen bilateral relationships with Cuba especially in the area of education. More and more young people are coming out of college and high school in saint Lucia and can’t pursue their bachelor’s degree or further their education because it’s too expensive or they can’t afford . The government must provide more scholarships to our youth of this country to study in Cuba, especially in the area of medicine. It was done in the past, it can be done again. In times of health crisis, we always run to Cuba, if we invest in our youth in order to become self sufficient. It’s a long time investment but surely we will harvest the fruits of this investment. A country’s human resource is its greatest asset. #vivacuba #vivaeducación.

  9. Charlie boy not wrong. this country does not play by any rules. they will rule by any means necessary while making it appear they nice. some nations are questioning this. all they know is that the worst hit country in europe has the most people from there. the worst country hit there , the first people on the ground was chinese. did they help or hinder? tell me. you all complain about racism when every race is against black people. the yellow, brown, red and white. they will all come together and complain about one race and that is black. so how can you stupid people sit there and accuse others of being racist? you know how much racism is towrads our black people by all these people? get your heads out of the sand. we dont need their help. we will never know what they want in return. they are smart like that. unlike you all.

  10. Que tristeza me da como cada día mueren cientos de personas y aun así la humanidad no se da cuenta que lo que importa en estos momentos es ayudarnos entre todos dejar la política y los rencores y ayudar por que ya los médicos enfermeras y demás no pueden más y cuando pase todo esto ya el mundo no será igual por que todas esas personas les va a quedar un trauma tan grande que ni 100 psicólogos lo van a poder ayudar . Saben cuántas muertes ? , cuántas veces han tenido que decidir quién muere y quién se queda , eso es muy triste . Sean de Cuba de China de Hong kon todos son bienvenidos a este cao que hoy por hoy la culpa la tiene el hombre . Nosotros acá en Europa estamos con mucho miedo por que ya ese virus no perdona ni joven ni viejos desde 18 hasta 90 esta matando gente . Y ya estos médico están agotados no pueden más ni mental mente ni física mente . Cuídense y dios los bendiga .

  11. U all eh have nothing to do just waiting to come and comment I don’t have a problem with u all commenting but think first

  12. I hope the Prime Minister remembers this gesture when President Trump and Pompeo ask him to betray Caricom, Cuba and Venezuela on the International Stage. Thank you Cuba for being so forgiving

  13. St Helana of the West is ours save us from idiots, we don’t have millions of people in the first place so we are grateful for whoever is interested in our safety as a country
    No pride

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