Saint Lucia Welcomes First International Commercial Flight Since Borders Reopen

Saint Lucia on Thursday welcomed the first international commercial flight since the June 4, 2020 reopening of its borders.

The borders had been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

American Airlines flight 2295  from Miami touched down at Hewanorra International Airport about 2:15 p.m. bringing a total of 131 visitors and nationals here.

Officials from Saint Lucia Tourism Authority, the Ministry of Tourism, Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority and the Ministry of Health greeted passengers.

Various teams assisted with new arrival procedures to ensure a seamless experience navigating the enhanced safety procedures at the airport.

New arrival’s temperature being tested

“This is the beginning of the opening of our tourism sector,” Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee announced.

However Fedee observed that by no means was it at full capacity.

“What we are doing is to examine our protocols, we are testing all of the management mechanisms we have put in place to ensure that we can co-exist with COVID,” the Minister explained, adding that Saint Lucia cannot stay closed forever.

Dominic Fedee

He said Saint Lucia wants to strike a strong balance between public health management  and rebounding the economy.

As per COVID-19 protocols, upon arrival all visitors passed through a nurses station for screening before advancing to Customs and Immigration.

After picking up their luggage, arriving passengers proceeded to the exterior of the terminal, where COVID-19 certified taxis provided transportation to certified hotels.

New arrival receives gift bag

All arriving passengers received gift bags with local chocolates, Saint Lucia cocoa tea ingredients with a recipe, hand sanitizer, branded flip-flops, water bottles and handy ‘What You Need To Know’ guides. 

Saint Lucia  also awarded a holiday prize to one ‘lucky passenger’.

The prize included a complimentary airfare for two and accommodations at Sugar Beach – A Viceroy Resort, redeemable in 2021.  

According to the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority, the strategic, phased approach to reopening Saint Lucia’s tourism sector includes comprehensive safety and wellness protocols developed by Government and tourism officials.

A COVID-19 Task Force continuously monitors local and global health updates, assessing protocol options to mitigate the possible spread of COVID-19 for visitors and Saint Lucian communities, according to the Authority.

Saint Lucia  is scheduled to welcome Delta from Atlanta on Friday and JetBlue from JFK in the coming weeks.


  1. I sincerely hope that the hotel and tourism authorities here know what they are doing. Is tourism THAT relevant? When only a few morsel $$ remain in the island … well, that’s another story, discussion, conversation.

  2. I am very pleased that the government open the borders for international travelers. Many are skeptic about such and some are perturbed right now, but I feel we need to test the waters and explore in order to learn our capabilities and how much we can achieve and the extend we will be able to go.
    I find the government is brave and is willing to take risks and this is what I like about this government. I do not believe that our health authorities and the government is incompetent and listening to some comments made by some people it appears that they do not have confident that the authorities can pull this off. I believe that they can, they are they experts and the professionals. They have proved that they have hands on the situation. People have said that other large countries have closed borders to the US and why should we not and wait? We do not know what will happen if we wait. We do not have community spread so this might be the chance we have to prove how resilient we are. St Lucia is small so we can contain the virus better than the larger countries. The larger the population the bigger the challenge since many people move around among massive crowds from state to state in the bigger countries making contact tracing difficult. I believe the Caribbean can contain the spread better due to their small size. We have done remarkable thus far and we will continue to do good. We must be optimistic.

  3. Miami, Atlanta? What could go wrong with that? Why stop there, what about phoenix and Houston?
    This has got disaster written all over it. If the EU won’t let American scum visit there, why are we?

  4. When a chief hotelier is in charge of you as PM, whatever this hotelier says you must abide. Right niw the health of the nation is not an issue, having hotel to generate money is the issue.

  5. The bright red and bright yellow of all these comments are so glaring that it’s sickening.

    Anyone with a free-thinking brain please step forward.

    Apart from the party colours I see the effects of CNN BBC etc, fear, fear and more fear. With a dash of ignorance thanks to daily doses of COVID ‘pandemic’ propaganda.

    It would do us all well to pull away from all the regularly scheduled brain washing we call news and relearn the values that all of these media puppets and political puppets and their puppet masters have so successfully robbed us of.

    Let’s start with loving the truth more than the biased lies. Humble yourself and ask God for wisdom. Start reading again being instead of waiting for people to tell your what you should feel and which people you should fear or hate.

    Seriously …someone said American scum? What gives us the right to hide behind our phones and spew this kind of talk?

    Remember …every word we speak we will have to give an account for it.

    Follow that up with rebuilding your integrity and stop supporting people in the hope of future favours.

    I have faith that we can do better if the only person with look to is the one true God and not any man who is by nature prone to being a liar.

  6. All of y’all are leaving one main thing out of the conversation. Aren’t we open to a travel bubble of more than 20 islands? How many of these islands are opening up or have already opened up to the U.S and other hotspots? So don’t you think that these bubble island if they get it won’t be allowed to enter St.Lucia before they notice that their numbers have increased? So if y’all are complaining about open to the U.S complain about opening period. Stay locked up until covid disappears right and if it doesn’t which ever Government that’s in power whether S.L.P or U.W.P will wave their magic stick and dollars, prosperity and brighter days will come flowing from the heavens right. Don’t take things more serious and stop the risky behaviours and practice all the recommendations from the C.M.O, the Government and W.H.O. It’s gonna better let’s bury our heads in the sand why don’t we. Sorry Bunch of FOOLS.

  7. Why we dont get comprehensive health care to open back schools completely….but is hotel,tourism,and f…ing tax that matters …u will hear later…

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