Saint Lucia Witness Protection Experiencing Funding Challenge

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Police Commissioner Milton Desir has disclosed that funding is critical to witness protection in Saint Lucia.

Desir told reporters on Monday that the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force ( RSLPF) has witnesses that it protects.

But he said it was not something ‘big’.

“You need the funds. You need the resources to put witnesses into protection,” Desir explained.

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By way of example, he said that a witness to a crime might be the sole breadwinner.

“If he is in protection, he cannot work. You have to support him – you have to support his family,” the Police Commissioner stated.

He described the issue as very challenging and something that needs addressing.

Desir also spoke about regional cooperation on witness protection.

“We know what to do, but as I said – the funds. For example, I may put a witness in Barbados or Trinidad, but we must find the funds to support them. Trinidad will not support them for you,” the Police Commissioner declared.

“Funding is the critical issue,” Desir asserted.

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  1. As the word of God is ‘Salt’,in every meal,also it is Pure and Holy.
    To those who practice and make good use of it :
    Blessed is the man who listen to me, waiting at my door, watching daily at my door.
    For whoever finds me finds life and receive favor for the LORD.
    But who ever fails to find me harms himself ; men of sorrow familliar with sufferings,all those who hate me loves death.
    Among those nations you will find no response,no resting place for the sole of your foot.
    👉 Therefore the LORD will give you an anxious mind, eyes weary with longing,and a despairing heart.
    You will live in constant suspense,filled with dread both nigth and day,(never) sure of your life.
    In the morning you will say, “If only it were evening !” and in the evening, “If only it were morning !”- because of terror that will fill your hearts and the sights that your eyes will see….

    • Much of the problems encountered by the cops is self-inflicted. Failure to enforce the laws is the most glaring. There are ample opportunities to gather revenue for the state which in turn benefits them. The loud music types are as plentiful as fallen mangoes during mango season. The dangerous drivers are common as balahoo in season Let’s use a small US county as an example. Since a typical small county doesn’t have a large tax base, it is common to see the cops issuing tickets for a large array of violations. This revenue helps keep police department going. Why can’t our force learn from them?

  2. I am asking out of my own curiosity here. What happens to the large amounts/sums of monies seized from individuals/criminals who cannot afford to justify how they came about with such sums?

    The state should used such monies for the purposes of Witness Protection, equipment for every aspect of policing, refurbishment of police stations and other incentives to allow police officers to do their job and serve the people of the state.
    ☝️That’s after the justice system has done its due diligence with the case(s) concerning large sums of monies.

  3. The police will always be left holding the bag after politicians make their decisions. Example, the anti-gang legislation that passed approximately seven years ago. Both the Americans and Italians expend huge sums in surveiling and other forms of monitoring to obtain gang convictions in court. Impoverished St. Lucia does not have those resources. However, politicians will never miss an opportunity to claim a badge of crime fighter.
    The witness protection is dead without funding. That being said, it will be difficult to get witnesses willing to volunteer. In the absence of funding. The commissioner needs to get really tough on his loose-jaw cops. Firing only is insufficient. Their loose lips undermines trust in the system.

  4. Chastanet is stale news we want to know what has happened with all money spent from this previous government and what has been done so far because when the uwp government came in after a few months people were already asking questions. So tell me is it only uwp that needs to be questioned? Has slp government done nothing wrong since they came in? Stop being hypocrites and face up. None is perfect and all have done wrong.

  5. So much money have been pumped into stlucia this too is a ploy to get more money making it seem as though the staged crime where innocent lives will be lost is actually a crisis FOOLS FOOLING FOOLS

  6. Mr. Desir, ask Chas for some money from the 600 million dollars he borrowed and St. Lucians have not seen what he did with it.
    I think it’s time for St. Lucians to know what happened to all the money borrowed.

    • Didn’t phillip j Pierre received that money. The same money that the slp was against, as soos as they got into office they run and receive it. Ask Pierre,link, Richard, Ernest and shawn and they will able to not being able to answer about that 600 million that you are asking about.


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