Saint Lucia Works Toward Climate Resilience

Press Release:–  The Government of Saint Lucia continues to register success in its strides to combat climate change.

The Department of Sustainable Development recently gathered industry participants for a conference on the best practices for climate change adaptation. The meeting forms part of Saint Lucia’s National Adaption Plan which aims to identify adaptation needs, and develop and implement strategies to address those needs.

Sustainable Development and Environment, Officer Dawn Pierre-Nathoniel, said the National Action Plan (NAP) seeks to find solutions for climate change.

“The National Adaption Plan is a 10-year process from 2018-2028. It allows us to get to a place where we can build our climate resilience. We have also developed sectorial strategies and action plans that further delve into water, agriculture, and fisheries processes. We also identified infrastructure, natural resource management, health, and education, among others.”

Ms. Nathoniel said participants have also been working on a communication strategy for climate change as well as a monitoring evaluation plan.

“Cabinet was able to endorse the National Adaption Plan, endorse the sectorial strategies, as well as the monitoring and evaluation plan and the communications strategy. They also gave us some really good recommendations that included the fact that there needs to be greater participation from the private sector in building climate resilience, because we are all part of the solution.”

She added that organizations should take advantage of the funding available in the climate finance landscape via entities such as the Global Environment Fund (GEF).