Saint Lucian Actor-Filmmaker Featured At Cannes Film Corner

By Keryn Nelson

21-year-old Saint Lucian, Kyvon Edwin’s co-produced and co-written short film, Crush, has been selected for the prestigious Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner, currently underway in France until May 25.

Roughly eight minutes in length, Crush, which also co-stars Edwin alongside his schoolmate Shai Frumkin and was directed by Giacomo Gex, depicts the experience of a young woman who is presented with an ideal opportunity for love in one of the world’s most popular cities; New York. In an unfortunate twist of fate however, ideal circumstances fail to unfold.

Edwin has been enrolled in the Method Acting Program at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute (LSTFI) for nearly two years. Crush is his second short film. “I did my first short, Telescope, last year,” said Edwin during an exclusive interview.

The LSTFI, he explained, holds an annual film festival – the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute Film Festival – which serves as an incentive for the young actor to explore his creative interests outside of stage performance.

Speaking to how the idea for the film came to be, Edwin revealed that he and Frumkin had longstanding intentions to collaborate on a creative project after having played alongside one another in the leading roles of An Enemy of The People (Stage production). When the 2019 LSTFI film festival came around, they grabbed the opportunity.

“One day on my way to Starbucks to meet with her [Shai] for a writing session, I was still brainstorming, and typing out ideas on my phone. I looked up and saw literally everyone around me  on their phones, very disconnected and very isolated in their own bubbles and that inspired a story. I brought that idea to Shai. We sort it out together and flushed out the story of Crush, ” Edwin shared. Frumkin, who is from Israel and trains at the LSTFI as well, also co-produced and co-wrote the film.

After being privately screened during an intimate gathering amongst students and professors at the LSTFI film festival, Crush received awards for Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and the overall Best of the Fest (Best of the festival) award.

Having recently wrapped up production in Jamaica on another short film, Winston, which the 21-year-old stars in, Edwin is currently nearing the end of his final semester at the LSTFI.

Although now in Cannes for the Short Film Corner—which provides networking opportunities and the chance for filmmakers to have their work seen by industry professionals—Edwin is also gearing up for his end of semester conservatory production.

This will give the Saint Lucian actor more opportunity to display his talents in front of entertainment executives, in the hopes of further propelling his career forward.



  1. NOW …. THAT … is news worthy of reporting. However, our creative industry sector seems to lack in favour, lack in existence, lack in luminescence. I extend my sincere and proud congratulations to Mr Edwin and his crew.

  2. Congrats to you in your bubble ,Mr Edwin ,may your Marvels come to fruition good luck keep producing and networkingbigger screens are coming…

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