Saint Lucian dies in motorcycle accident in Martinique

A Saint Lucian has died following a motorcycle accident in neighbouring Martinique this week ,it has been reported.

The deceased has been identified as Jimmy St Val, 25.

Matherson “Sasa’ St Val, the father of the deceased, said he received the shocking news from one of his children.

“They told me he had just come from dropping off some stuff for his son, who turned five on Monday,  at the school and he was heading back home and on the main road, someone just swung across – that’s what the mother told me, and just hit him head-on,” the father recalled.

Matherson St Val said his deceased son has been living in Martinique for the past 20 years and was employed as a Postman there.

“He took a couple of days off just to come down prior to his birthday just to spend time with his family,” the father disclosed.

He said the family did not know it would have been a ‘farewell birthday.’

“He enjoyed it and then he went back up,” Matherson St Val stated.

He said the death was ‘unbelievable.’

The father said Jimmy was the most loving child in the world and his ‘buddy’.

“I mean, all of my children, I love them, but Jimmy was a special child,” he said.

The father said arrangements are being made to bring the body home and have a burial in the cemetery just a few yards away from the home here.

He declared that when something is there to happen,it will happen, as his son had a brand new car but chose to use his motorcycle on the day that he died,perhaps because he was merely going to travel a short distance.




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