Saint Lucian Jockey To Be Part Of ‘Richest Horse Race Event In The Caribbean’

by Terry Finisterre

Saint Lucian jockey Eric ‘Rico’ Daniel will be part of three races on Friday at what has been billed the richest horse racing event in the Caribbean. The inaugural event of the Royal Saint Lucia Turf Club gets underway on Saint Lucia’s National Day in Vieux Fort.

Daniel, who is himself from Vieux Fort, has over a dozen wins in Barbados, where he moved in 2018 to pursue his dream of becoming a professional jockey. His little brother hopes to emulate him as well, but for now, it is Rico in the spotlight.

He will be involved in Race 1, the US$20,000 Helen of the West Indies Stakes, riding Pitons Punch 1400m in light blue and pink. The unraced horse, bred in Florida by Stonehedge, LLC, is owned by Madaket Stables LLC, and trained by Robert Peirce.

He will then turn his attention to the 1400m National Day Sprint, with a US$20,000 purse. Katie’s Jewel will be his mount, and he will be wearing white and aqua. The Iowa-bred filly, owned by OB Precast and Concrete, is trained by Robbie Hewetson.

In the US$150,000 Pitons Cup, Daniel will be astride Donna’s True Bling. Owned by Dan Schader and trained by Peirce, the Texas-bred animal has racked up over $43,000 in career earnings. Daniel will wear orchid and gold in the 1800m race.


  1. Was on the island and heard lots of talk about horses. Frankly, I got infected.

    “Hold your horses! St. Lucians are fighting about healthcare and no one seems to have a bit of horse- sense about the issue. Some claim that the new “horsepital” is being deprived of resources by the horse track. This issue is no horse play. Are they putting the cart before the horse? I heard it from the horse’s mouth that the prime minister has bent over trying to get citizens on board. He has not been too successful, which proves that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Meanwhile, the opposition party is claiming that the horse track is sucking cash and eating it like a horse. While many of the upper crust support the track, poor citizens are screaming get off your high horse. I feel like they are beating a dead horse. The invisible owner of the track is chomping at the bit to get events started on Independence Day. However, there are whispers that the whole business is actually owned by a dark house. My advice is stop horsing around. Are Lucians disobeying the old saying, never look a gift horse in the mouth?
    How do I say goodbye? Heeheehee!Heeheehee Heeheehee! (horse sound)

  2. Oh well ! This should be a National Day of Mourning. First it was the FLEECING OF OUN NATION, at the first bugle it will be the LEACHING OF OUR NATION for 99 years. Aren’t we all just so [email protected]#&%#!! happy; happy, happy , happy, sing along people O Happy Day, O Happy Day, O Happy Day, the government makes no profit O Happy Day, All proceeds as stated in the contract goes to DSH Holdings O Happy Day, All proceeds generated from CIP Investments thru Theo King for DHS Holding goes to DSH Holdings O Happy Day, As Stated by contractor agreement DSH pays NO VAT O Happy Day. The Government of St Lucia cannot be and Investor O Happy Day. The Government of St Lucia as contractor agreement WILL NOT be entitled TO PROFIT SHARING O Happy Day, this is the greatest day in St Lucia’s History, O Happy Day. And to think it’s the Doc who sold us out ! O Happy Day.

  3. Haters will always hate. You’ll should be ashamed of yourself putting down you’ll own country’s development. All in the name of politics in the game of red and yellow, small minded individuals. After health Care is addressed I wonder what u party hacks will find to say next. Slp is in a very desperate situation. Anybody can see that. And before you’ll go around fighting dsh so hard. Just remember Kenny was interested in the same deal. So I wonder what you’ll would have said if it was him in power. As usual you’ll all would follow. Typical nature of sheep follow their leader even if it’s to der own death.

    • A event which costs more to tax payers and won’t put one extra penny in the country’s coffers is development? Take off your blindfolds idiot and think about the people dying, sleeping on hospital floors, old people spending weeks in casualty sitting in chairs, whilst these fools sell out our country for nothing but good times for friend family and foreigners…the Only hater here is Allen Chastanet hating our people so much that he puts horses before healthcare .

      • Let us refrain from name-calling or calling people out of their names, but state your points and respond to others posts if necessary, but be professional please or at least try.

        Carry on Mr. speaker…..Lol

    • Stop trying to present yourself as a neutral party(lol “No Sides”) just come out and suport the UWP with pride.

    • This guy is as fake as you can get…. trying his best to deceive people…similar to who he is trying to defend. “Wolf in sheep’s clothing”, that would be the right analogy for you. Your slant is too obvious for you name. You should instead use “one side”. That would fit your writings perfectly.

  4. Why put horse before people ? So many needy ppl have no food clothing or shelter …where that came from …no explanation . far better things to be done . crime on the rise you talking about horse race . poor lighting all over the country . look into doing constructive stuff .

  5. Yes I support their development. What’s wrong in that? What were the others doing to develop the country? Doesn’t development create jobs and opportunities for new businesses? So when the present administration stops the development then I will no longer support them. Unlike you guys who only dedicated to one party whatever the circumstances. Open your eyes even politicians switch sides but u the voter believe you must be loyal to one party. Well keep supporting party I will continue you to support the development of my country. The last time I voted labour I was not plzed with their term. Especially after making a mockery of st lucians with the new labour code. And if you don’t know what I mean then you shouldn’t even be speaking on politics.

  6. Horse racing has failed to produce or generate revenue for the Caribbean countries such as Trinidad and Barbados. What makes you guys think it would be different for Saint Lucia?
    Our healthcare is more important than that. The prime minister wife is raising funds for Police and Firemen while we give Chinese our money to make more money on our heads.
    Those who went and dress up, I hope you all eh scrunting and begging after the season is all done and gone.

    • This one will generate no money my friend it’s written in clear black and white for the world to see, even the knucklehead shadow PM said so himself. If he himself saw the writing on the wall one has to scratch their head and ask what are his supporters pumping their fist to. If we don’t want to end up in court for breach of contract we have to abided by the terms in order to maintain our credibility and standing in doing business so NO PROFIT for 99 yrs. NO PROFIT from CIP INVESTMENTS IN DSH. DSH OWNER AND FAMILY ARE EXEMPT FROM PAYING VAT. So what did we get or suppose to get “TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS” the destruction of OUR ENVIORMENT. It’s only progress when we see or enjoy the benefits of our investments but not even that is allowed The Government of Saint Lucia CANNOT BE AN IVESTOR WHICH IN TERMS MEANS IT CANNOT ENJOY THE RETURNS FROM PROFIT SHARING for 99 dam years. A SUCKER IS BORN EVERYDAY. The deal of a lifetime

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