Saint Lucian Sea Moss Hits the UK Market

A group of local sea moss farmers  made history last month by becoming the first to export sun-dried Sea moss from Saint Lucia to the UK, Export Saint Lucia (TEPA) has announced.

According to the organisation, the test shipment of sun-dried Sea Moss which was shipped to the buyer in the United Kingdom was a resounding success with ‘roars of approval chiming through’.

A TEPA release said that the buyer has already expressed interest in a second order of the product in the coming weeks as well  and is considering imports of a wider variety of agricultural produce from the island.

Kerwin Samuel

It said in preparation for the shipment, exporter Kerwin Samuel from Total Health Foods Services said that this new market has given Sea Moss farmers a renewed sense of hope as they now have a bigger outlet for sale and distribution of their produce.

“We are so happy that at least we got a market in the UK for the first time, the sea moss farmers are very excited about the opportunity, hoping to produce much more sea moss now, better quality sea moss for the long run, so we look forward for this,” Samuel was quoted as saying.

According to TEPA, the Department of Fisheries a key partner in the process said it is delighted at the prospect.

Deputy Chief Fisheries Officer Thomas Nelson was quoted as saying that new and improved methods of Sea Moss farming will see farmers having greater and more consistent yields in time to come.

Thomas Nelson

But in the meantime, Thomas  insists that proper methods and practices should be maintained.

CEO of TEPA, Sunita Danie, said the shipment was the result of the organization realizing that there is need for diversification in Saint Lucia’s agricultural export product.


  1. Congratulations! Great news concerning entry into a new market Maintain the quality that got you there in the first place. Be rigid in your quality control and you will be wonderfully fine.

  2. very good news; hope you keep the standard up, to the best quality, so you can reap the best reward!
    I can remember my boy hood days at Praslin!

  3. This is great for all you guys,just take care and protect your product,you have double work now,keep it up.

  4. By sea moss do you mean seaweed? Good to see alternative industry set up in SLU. Work smart, maintain standards etc as there will it seems be competition :
    See in UK papers that first commercial seaweed farm has had the green light on East anglia coast. Plans to grow up to 100,000 tons a year to be used in variety of products – toothpaste, ice cream, fertilisers etc.

  5. Congratulations to all, however, St. Lucian seamoss drink has been shipped to the UK for a few years now, though in small quantities of 6 to 12 cases per shipment.

    We need to appreciate the small businesses who have been the pioneers in this market.


    The ‘…Aqua venture,’ no doubt, would help to strengthen the nation’s land-based ‘…Agriculture Industry.’

    In penetrating the U.K. market shall be seen as an extraordinary feat, even though a small step in the right direction.

    However, the end product, as it had been with ‘…bananas, cocoa, coffee beans, cane sugar, molasses and cotton,’ could bring more revenue to British importers than local farmers of the ‘…Sea moss.’

    Guess feasibility studies would have to be conducted to ascertain whether readily consumable product could also influence a local factory for export.

    In the Aqua farmers and national economic interests, here is where the Ministry of Agriculture might wish to direct some attention.

  7. Sea moss is not sea weed,the one that is causing all the problems in the Caribean.Most of that weed has no industrial use,at least we havent found any,so far.There are docens of varietys of weed and many are very valuable.Lets start investigating

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