Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Saint Lucian shot dead after Dallas Officer enters wrong apartment

A Saint Lucian was shot dead Thursday night after a Dallas police officer entered an apartment unit she believed was her own, local reports say.

The deceased has been identified as Botham Shem Jean.

The shooting happened at the South Side Flats before 10 p.m., about one block from the Dallas Police Department Headquarters, it has been reported.

According to local media, at a news conference early Friday morning, Dallas Sgt. Warren Mitchell said the officer was heading home after working a full shift when she walked into an apartment unit she believed was her own.

After entering the unit, she was confronted by a 26-year-old man, identified by the medical examiner’s office as Botham Shem Jean, reports said.

At some point, the officer fired her weapon, hitting him.

It is reported that Officers responded to the scene and began to treat the victim, who was transported to a hospital where he was later pronounced deceased.

The officer involved in the shooting was not hurt.

Police have said that she will be placed on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation.

A distraught family member of the deceased told St Lucia Times that news of Jean’s death was ‘devastating’.

The family member said that Jean, who is the son of former Permanent Secretary, Alison Jean, was an employee of Pricewater House and lived in a gated community.

According to the relative, the police officer’s key was found in the lock of the door of the apartment belonging to the deceased, after she tried unsuccessfully to open it.

The family member expressed the view that the officer involved in the shooting, who lived in an apartment on another floor of the complex,  had to have been ‘drunk.’


  1. What would have happened if it were a black officer who shot a white male in the wrong unit? Administrative leave?! Really?!

    • Where was the race of the officer listed, anywhere?!?!? Administrative leave is common place post-shootings until the investigation is settled.

      All we know is the officer was a female… Save your BLM crap until the facts come out.

      • First I think you didn’t read the comment. This officer was OFF DUTY clocked out. She also put her key in the door that DIDNT WORK & was found by investigators. Whether it was police or not if someone enters your home unexpected what would you do? It’s a safe assumption you would think your being burglarized. This gentleman was clearly in his home minding his own business & a respected man.

        Facts are he was unarmed She was off the clock & should have been treated like a civilian. Her training was thrown out the window. I am for what’s right no matter what the race is on either party. THIS IS WRONG. I don’t know if this is personal or she was that out of it. Maybe you should educate yourself on the facts

      • @ben harper u need to go ………we all out here knows this predicament. And i guaranteeing that u also white if not your heart is blue.

      • it was a white female officer who was on the wrong floor of the apartment complex at the wrong room number with a key that didn’t work for the lock she was trying to enter

      • Read the article. this is a direct quote “The strange series of events unfolded Thursday night, when the white patrol officer went into her apartment building after working a full shift.”

  2. HIS FAMILY BETTER SUE! “After working a full shift” my ass. That wasn’t even a mandatory statement in that article, they will obviously try to use that as an excuse to make it seem like the officer was so tired and it was an “accident”. Every action has an equal or opposite reaction.. this action needs to have consequences. My condolences to his family. I also believe she must’ve been drunk. This cannot go unnoticed or buried deep in the files. That family NEEDS TO FIGHT

  3. Can’t believe this! Bothom my brother, please rest in peace. Justice will be served. Prayers go out to the family who lost such a great person.

    • It is possible for a key to fit in a lock and not unlock it. Since they lived in the same complex it is possible that the locks are similar and the key would fit in there without unlocking it.

      • I’m assuming the same thing…it was in the lock, but it didn’t actually unlock it. He probably opened the door when he heard someone at the door.

    • I once put my key in the wrong long, you’ll be surprised that it fits well, but doesn’t opened the lock

    • The key was found in the lock but it didn’t work. It was found by investigators. It didn’t work because it was in the wrong lock. But what is troubling to me is, if the key didn’t work how did she get in the apartment? Because she shot and killed him inside.Lots of unanswered questions.

  4. My heart is so filled with pain and grief upon reading this article. I too have a son and can’t imagine losing him in such a manner. Such an aspiring and brilliant individual …. I am lost for words… Lord plz console and be with his family and friends that they will be comforted in their grief. I can’t say anything more …my screen is covered with tears…

  5. He was a wonderfully kind and friendly neighbor, always had a smile. This is an absolute tragedy.

  6. Oh all the ways to die, being a law abiding citizen getting shot by a police officer in your own home has to top the list of most unfair ways to die.

  7. Bare crap. Your key opened his door. Does not make sense. No amount of money can bring back this youn man. Seems like he had a great fureture ahead. My sympathy to the Jean family. Strength to you Mrs. Jean.

    • Strange story. If I entered someone else apt I would realise its not mine unless the all buy the same furniture same colour and same arrangement. Then to get shot? The story sounds like it can’t make it. The real story will come out…I may be wrong?

  8. sunshine you read too many novels lol….but i thought the same thing or she just did not like him who knows ….RIP young soul you are with the angels

  9. ….and the US want to talk about St. Lucia Police!!! Please they better drop all investigations on St. Lucia. How the hell she didn’t see the key not fitting and if the key fit then she must have made one for the young mans apartment.

    • There’s a big gap between the time she tried to unlock the door and the time he got shot.
      This story doesn’t add up. If she was at the wrong apartment how did she get in,since her key though it could fit,should not have been able to open the door. If she tried to unlock the door which should’ve open don’t you think this is a clear indication that you are in the wrong apartment? How drunk could you be if you can fit a key into the lock?
      Tell that officer or who came up with that story,they will have to come again.

  10. A key can fit a lock yet can’t unlock the locked door. My house key and office are the same type. In haste I’ve tried to use my house key to unlock my office door. It fits but does not unlock.

    Please stop with the “something’s missing” “a crime of passion” or whatever.

  11. I realize alot of the locks uses the same keys my key can open my neighbor’s 2 floors from me but this is really sad RIP my friend

  12. Ben Harper shut your racist mouth up. Because you know damn well she was white, your key didn’t work but u still entered. I don’t care how tired she was, she had enough energy to pull out her gun and fire.

  13. Were they romantically involved? Is the “wrong door” just an alibi? There is a lot more to this than meets the eye. What was the reason for shooting an unarmed man – even if the apartment was hers.

  14. Typical PIG behavior. My this brotha rest in peace and his family receive comfort during their time of need.

  15. The news held his identity for over 8 hours because they already know it’s about to go down! The entire complex is roped off and the station is around the corner from the complex.

  16. This is going to be a long post and for those of you that don’t have time for it, I hope you will scroll and look at the 3 websites I put here.This is sad and I honestly understand about everyone (including myself) that is deeply disturbed by this so called. accident -.-. It seems to me MOST cops are totally out of control with self centered power plays. Everyday I open up the browser on PC and it’s everywhere.. news of cops murder is the main thing but, not to mention they lie, beat their spouses, abuse kids (yes, I have seen proof of it and it was within their job :/ ) They feel they have power of control and that they don’t have to abide the law because they are the law. This type of thinking HAS to stop.. It’s both black and white. As much as I would like to see these cops get what’s coming to them, we all know that 9 times out of 10 they find some kind of loophole or their superiors try to hide the REAL story to get out of it. THAT is the shame of it. Cops,one of the authority figures we are told to respect when we were growing up, have become one of our worst enemies.There are very few that still keep me having ‘some’ faith in cops that take time out of their day to work with children etc., but it’s a damn shame we have to fear one of the agencies that is suppose to protect us.I am glad that there are websites and bloggers that are making damn sure that these horrible and enraging cases get out so people DO know that these cops are getting away with and capable of :(. Here are 3 links that some of you might want to see:
    https://www.cnn.com/2017/05/18/us/police-involved-shooting-cases/index.html <- that one tells you how and why they (cops) get out of trouble and rarely go to trial for their crimes.
    https://news.vice.com/en_us/article/595kv3/police-crime-database <- this one is about the police crime data base.
    Last but certainly not least is the link to The Henry A. Wallace Police Crime Database.
    Sorry for my rant and so long but I had to get my 2cents in this senseless tragedy. I hope those links will help or be of use in some way.
    Rest In Peace Mr.Jean and you and your family and friends are in my thoughts.

  17. My condolences to the family for this sickens me to my stomach. He must have heard someone trying to get in to his apartment. This crazy cop must have been tore up not to realize she’s in the wrong door. My God this is heart wrenching…in his apartment minding his business and then look what happens. Lord have mercy ….???

  18. O m g! May he RIP condolences to Mr n Mrs jean ,my God can u imagine the shock the parents are going through only 26!my son is leaving in the USA and am shaken and don’t know the young man ,if it was sickness I can come to terms,but this the very first thing is pulling out your gun! In the wrong apartment or were they friends or what,I can’t understand so she didn’t even have time to realized that she was in the wrong apartment! I am mad and sad at the same time,

  19. To the family please reach out to ERIC RUSSELL at the Tree of Life Justice League Of Illinois. They are Police Accountability Advocates and will help you.

  20. The writing of this story is all wrong SHE BROKE AND ENTER AN APARTMENT THAT WAS NOT HER OWN he did not confront her SHE CONFRONTED HIM.
    Don’t criminalize his behaviour she is the criminal the break and enter suspect that murdered a man in cold blood.

  21. Another innocent black man is shot and kill from legitimately inside where he is supposed to be safe his home and end up dead by a crazy trigger happy cop,and all we are hearing she us off the job until some investigation is finished and she claims as usual her life was in danger and that’s it,

  22. That story is complete bull-shitry. The police simply put this story out there to bamboozle readers. That can never be the story.. I would like to know the woman’s age, to help formulate the story

  23. Condolences to Allison, Bertrand and the rest of the Jean family! This unfortunate event brings sadness and grief to your Trini brethren. Our love, thoughts and prayers are for you in this time of sorrow. We are confident that God will comfort and see you through the days ahead! God Bless!

    • To Allison and family, may the Lord stretch His mighty Healing Hands over you to bring healing in your time of grief.
      “I am the Lord that healeth thee
      I am the Lord your Healer
      I sent my word and healed your condition
      I am the Lord your healer”

  24. This is really sad! I wish to offer condolences to the family. May he rest in peace! The details have me confused. It’s something none of us can ever really solve! Only thing that’s evident is that there was some really strong emotion involved! It’s not over!

  25. There were many apartments on Mr. Gotham Shem Jean’s floor . Why did the officer chose his door. Something id wrong with the picture. What was her problem?

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