Saint Lucian Shot Dead In Martinique, Family Wants Justice

A Saint Lucian is dead following a shooting incident in neighbouring Martinique on Sunday, June 14, 2020.

Law enforcement authorities and family members have identified the victim as Courtney Owen Smith, 31.

Casimir Louis, the father of the deceased, told St Lucia Times that relatives want justice.

The father recalled that his son was a loving individual.

Louis said according to reports reaching him, the deceased was in a bar in Martinique with a friend – a Spanish female.

It was reported that there was an altercation with another individual.

“That’s what I hear – some guy just walked up to him and kill him,” the father said.

Louis said his son had been living in Martinique since February.

He explained that arrangements are currently being made to bring the body home for burial.

Law enforcement in Martinique are investigating the shooting death.


  1. He was at a Bar with a Spanish woman .Cocaine Deal went wrong .The Spanish woman must be set him up .What his Relatives have to do is Hire these Greedy Lawyers from St.Lucia to Represent them in Martinique
    A Spanish woman was involved in the Kidnapping of Bigger who was Fatally Shot between Anse la.Raye and Canaries that must be the Same woman.St.Lucians will Learn to live a Decent Life and work Honestly for their money .

    • If you have nothing positive to say,say nothing at all..your bigot comment seems like you blatantly judge the individual on his appearance,imma street person and i have a collective memory of the gangsters and wannabe,s but this guy doesn’t ring any bell.

    • Alot of us quick to judge.My past classmate was not a bad boy he use to lime the wrong places but his a nice guy in all ways he couldn’t kill a ppl stop doing that judging ppl.some of u have children brothers uncles family memeber thats in the wrong place at the wrong time

  2. Wherever a Spanish speaking individual is you have to be weary of your surroundings,they are extremely sneaky & are double crossers…But with that being said I will not judge,it could’ve been an innocent Spanish woman just having a drink at a bar with a friend & someone just came up & killed her friend.

  3. There’s a big difference between a Spanish person, and one whose language is Spanish.
    Around these parts, one has to be vigilant, there are many from Venezuela looking for a
    better home than what’s left of today’s Venezuela. It’s not much better in Columbia. Brazil
    is a total mess, and you want to complain about Chastanet? Try Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica.

    • These people with the negative comments have no love in their hearts only hatred , would you like people to say that about your family members. Smh

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