Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Saint Lucian Shot Dead In Martinique Identified

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Local news reports have identified a Saint Lucian who died in Martinique this week after sustaining a bullet wound to the head.

Martinique.FranceAntilles identified the deceased as 37-year-old Marck Willy.

Reports indicate that he is originally from Gadette, Dennery.

According to the online publication, he was shot after midnight on Wednesday at the cabin where he lived in Dehaumont, described as a small peaceful district of Marigot.

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It said residents were in shock, asserting that it was the first such incident in the community.

And they could not come up with a possible motive for the slaying amid a surge in gun violence on the French Caribbean Island this week.

On Thursday night, a man identified as Olivier Mariello, 48, died at his home in Grand-Rivière after sustaining gunshot wounds.

Martinique 1 Ere quoted a resident stating that before collapsing, the deceased revealed that home invaders came demanding jewellry, which he told them he did not have.

And on Friday, around 3:30 pm, emergency personnel rushed a 36-year-old man to La Meynard University Hospital in Fort-de-France after he sustained a gunshot wound.

 As a result of the gun violence spike, the Commander of the gendarmerie in Martinique announced plans to deploy 100 soldiers and 30 volunteers to the North of the Island to find the perpetrators and reassure citizens.

According to General William Vaquette as long as the shooters remain at large, the population is in danger.


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    • And they’re always innocent….. I hope they catch the killer/s it time they stop that. People can’t have a peace of mind anymore

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