Saint Lucian Swimmers Successful at BASA in Barbados

PRESS RELEASE:-Thirty Saint Lucian swimmers (14 girls and 16 boys) represented their clubs at the 26th Aquatic Centre International Long Course Championship of the Barbados Amateur Swimming Association (BASA) from the 19th to the 21st of May, 2017.

In the individual events, Saint Lucia won a total of twelve gold medals, nine silver medals, and eleven bronze. The most outstanding swimmer was Antoine Destang (8), who won every race he entered: 50m freestyle, back fly and breast, 100m and 200m freestyle, as well as the 200m individual medley (IM). In the 50m fly, he set a new record: 35:28. Among the girls, two swimmers clearly stood out. Mikaili Charlesmagne (13) came home with two gold medals in 50m freestyle and 50m back stroke, three silver medals in 100m fly, 100m free, and 200m IM, as well as a bronze in 50m fly. Naima Hazell (11) won two gold medals: 50m and 100m breast, a silver medal in 50m back, and bronze in 50m free as well as 200m breast. The latter was an “open” event without age classes and she was beaten only by a 14- and a 16-year old.

Other medalists in individual events were: Naekeisha Louis (11) silver in 50m breast; she was beaten only by her club-mate Naima; Yolande Ambrose (15) won silver in 50m back and 100m breast; Marisa Louisy (13): bronze in 200m back; Natalya Guillaume (13): bronze in 50m breast; Allysia Alfred (11) came 3rd in 100m breast and Chloe Thomas (15) in 100m back. Among the boys, Allandre Cross (13) won silver in the 50m fly and bronze in the 50m free and 100m fly. Therron Herelle (9) came first in 50m back, second in 50m fly, and third in 200m IM. Ziv Reynolds placed third in 50m and 100m breast.

Saint Lucia’s relay teams were also very successful. The girls (11-12) won gold in the 4 x 100m freestyle with Naekeisha Louis, Naima Hazell, Angelique Gaillard and Gabrielle Soomer on the team; silver in the 4 x 100m freestyle with Naima, Naekeisha, Angelique and Britney Edwin and silver in the 4 x 100m medley, with Naima, Naekeisha, Angelique and Courtney Paul. An exhibition relay team of boys aged 8 to 10 years swam the fastest time in the race for 9-10-year-olds. These remarkable young swimmers were Antoine Destang, Thereron Herelle, Ethan Hazell, and Karic Charles.

Overall, Sharks Swim Club and Lightning Aquatics tied for fifth place out of a total of 19 clubs.


  1. Nice Article!!!!! Waiting for the respective clubs to highlight their own. Not the usual suspects. They need to talk about up and coming young swimmers. Stop talking about the same swimmers all the time. Talk about those we do not know.

  2. What about the swim club from the south? Are none of these kids good enough to represent St.Lucia? Then again if there isn’t a proper pool to practise in……

  3. I have read the comments and wish to enlighten some persons. Please note these swimmers who were featured in the above article didn’t represent st. Lucia as a team but their respective clubs and recognition was given to st Lucia since these clubs originated from this country. The usual suspects according to one comment continue to dominate and as such individual clubs will make mention of their individual swimmers performance. The usual suspects continue to work harder likewise those who were not mentioned. This article again is not about representatives selected by slasa but by their clubs. With reference to Akim Ernest he is indeed a good swimmer however he was not part of the clubs that participated hence he was not mentioned. Perhaps if you take a look at swimming results you would realize he has been dominating his age group and has been recognized for his hard work and achievements. So the bashing is not necessary

    Proud swim mom.

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