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Updated on June 6, 2020 10:30 am
Updated on June 6, 2020 10:30 am
Updated on June 6, 2020 10:30 am

Saint Lucian Woman Accuses British Couple Of Indecent Assault

A Saint Lucian woman has filed a formal complaint with the police against a British man and his girlfriend for indecent assault.

The virtual complainant alleges that both British nationals slapped her on her buttocks.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, the incident is reported to have taken place at a local hotel where the Saint Lucian works as a waitress.

Persons familiar with the case said that the woman was advised by hotel management to report the matter to the police.

There are no further details at this time.

Police are investigating the matter.


  1. This happened at Royalton Hotel … and let’s not go judging before the full story is told , the waitress was joking around with the couple and had no problem with it in the moment ,the manager was present … it took her 3 days to report the matter because her peers keep telling her “You can Make a Money” FYI the couple were exorted of 900 quids as “settlement”

    • If this was reported after 24 hours then doesn’t make sense . It still took more than 48 hours before it reach the media. And it took 72 before she reported it. Old scammer.

      • They’re listed facts… how can police be investigating when they have already made the couple pay up??? We full of s*** in Lucia

    • Joking around with someone doesn’t give them the right to slap you on your bottom. The Lady is well within her rights to pursue charges or a settlement. If the roles were reversed what would you say then?

    • Real talk,please get to know your rights as a citizen. You have up to 72 hours to make a report to the Police and six (6)Months to file a case in the Court.

      • I never said that it take 24 hours to file a report jackass. I said that’s the amount of time it took for her to report the matter . So get ur facts right read and understand before u respond. I said it doesn’t make sense I never said ubhave to report before 24 hours. If u were offended or feeling bad why wait 3 days to do that.

  2. So what if she waited to report the matter. These situations take courage . A lot of women who were victims years ago are now coming out to report the slime bags. These people would NEVER do it in their country. Already you see people are attacking the victim no wonder women do not report assaults…her own people are attacking her. Our black people only know how to attack their own in favor of the foreigner

  3. Hope you were properly dress;? If so, make them pay, because the only place they can getaway with this assult, is in St. Lucia like that jamacian super sttar some years before his detention!

  4. All she wanted was a payout. Nigger, don’t care about dignity. would have ****** c*** for less. Poor tourist paid out got robbed.

  5. Real talk you sound like real shit send your woman to me so I can smack her on her butt and joke about it

  6. If it was the other way around they want millions in damages
    Sick set of people (white people not all but a lot of them)sick always watching the black woman as a sex symbol for years now raped our mothers and sisters for entertainment and killed our fathers and brothers for sport

  7. I don’t Believe a word of that Employee From Royalton .That’s Just Giving the Island a Very Bad name .An Investigation as to Her Charactor Should be Carried out and if Found wanting Dismiss Her from the Hotel .Thats just a make up plan for money .If was a Male individual she would report Rape .Foolish woman

  8. Point is She Openly Joked around with them and not once expressed dismay until it was brought to her attention “she can make then pay her” … it happened in the open in front of management, the police should of been called right there and then … You watched your staff get “indecently assaulted” and then have the guess pay up behind closed doors instead of letting go thru the system … Fishy Fishy Fishy

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