Saint Lucian Women Embrace B.A.D.A.S.S Movement

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A new platform to support the empowerment of women in Saint Lucia and the Caribbean has been launched and it is generating island wide acclaim and widespread attention.

Bonding And Development A Support Sisterhood (B.A.D.A.S.S) is the brainchild of three Saint Lucian businesswomen who have achieved success in their careers locally and internationally.

Cybelle Brown, Nerdin St. Rose and Tracey Warner Arnold are the fantastic three who felt that women on the island needed a fun, relaxing and safe space to be inspired, to share experiences and to connect.

“The goal of this platform is to connect, support, encourage, uplift, and share insights and
opportunities with other women.” Says Tracey Warner Arnold. “Through retreats, events, and inspiring social media content, we will connect like-minded women of all ages as they navigate this journey of life”.

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The platform was launched in April, 2022 in Saint Lucia with the initial inspirational lunch
featuring prominent women who have achieved extraordinary success in their careers and lives.

“Not only do we plan on launching engaging and uplifting content online, but we will have an exciting slate of phenomenal women from Saint Lucia and across the globe who will grace our shores and inspire our women.” Says Cybelle Brown.

The former Viacom executive plans on leveraging her global relationships to secure a lineup of keynote speakers who already inspire and motivate many Saint Lucian women.

“We want to create one of the most desired platforms to reach adult women on the island, and partnerships are a big part of our ethos. As such, we have reached out to various partners and we are excited that we have some that have quickly embraced the concept and the opportunity to be associated with the B.A.D.A.S.S brand” says Nerdin St. Rose.

Many major businesses are partnering with the B.A.D.A.S.S platform; Bank of Saint Lucia,
Crystal Clear Water, Dermalogics Clinic, Harry Edwards Jewelers, Inside Out, Saint Lucia
Distillers/Barbay Ltd, Sandals Resorts, So Bougie Candle Co. and Stonefield Villa Resort.

A series of lunch experiences are planned for the rest of the year at various locations on the island with each event offering inspirational workshops and presentations in addition to inspiring keynote speakers.

The next event is scheduled for June 25th at Sandals Halcyon with keynote speaker Wendy
Fitzwilliam, former Miss Universe, Media Personality, Business Development Executive, Beauty Ambassador and Model.

Source: Bonding And Development A Support Sisterhood. Headline photo: April 2022 B.A.D.A.S.S luncheon.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Saint Lucia is full of talented people with enormous potential but the crabs in the barrel inhibit our population from achieving our true potential on the international market. And at times, this is done intentionally.

    An office of an individual mentioned here as a participant makes this otherwise helpful movement disheartening. She is routinely condescending and minimizing to others perceived as less connected. This is just a photo op for some of these women, and it really detracts from your message. It’s really disturbing how some can pretend to be an advocate publicly and in private within their sphere of influence be a terror.

    And I’m sure if I attend this meet up, I’ll see several more faces of local women who have been and are hurtful to other women and girl’s progress and esteem in Saint Lucia, even in some cases, because of a (not their) man!

    Don’t let this be a repeat of these scenes where it’s more about the optics than actual progress and at the meeting itself there is cattiness and gossip. Lives are being affected in this small country, and we need genuine people to uplift others.
    A lot of them pull up the ladder when they get to the top and stomp on the fingers of others trying to build their own ladder.
    I’m not too familiar with the founders but their idea is clearly coming from a good place and they likely spent a lot of time overseas, inspired by the progress women have made in general. I appreciate their idea. But Saint Lucia is a different animal. I’d say, separate the wheat from the chaff and remove the fake women from the org. Have no room for proud bullies of other women who travel in packs like their feral counterparts. Otherwise you are empowering and highlighting the same women who, with intent and malice, disempower others.

  2. Should’ve atleast wait for after Father’s Day.. As always ladies do you’ll ting. Big up yourself. Large in charge! Your way or no way!

  3. This is a powerful, uplifting initiative with an assertive and empowering name! We women need to rise up and take our sisters with us to the next level. Let’s not let small minded, backward thinking people with tunnel vision suck out our energy and infinite potential. I wish the founders and organisers all the best! Keep being BADASS!

  4. I am very impressed with such a wonderful platform for Women. Nadine, Cybelle and Tracey are really B.A.D.A.S.S. Women. Congratulations. I would like to be part of the group. I can see you expanding Globally.

    Marie Blanchard-Green

  5. Ladies don’t listen to any of the negative comments – this indeed was started with people with foresight, to get something started hopefully for the same ones that some of you think were not represented. Its a good start so let the ladies do their stuff. May the good Lord be with you

  6. Leave the women alone they need us and we need them otherwise we will have a freeze society. Let them talk and voice their opinion. No one never admit, no scholars nor no economist never find the need to point it out. We in the Caribbean have the largest employment for women than any part of the world per capita. HELLO!

  7. Its a good initiative for women but my concern is would the marginalized and poor women be included in the sessions. It appears to be high class women who keeps uplifting higher class women. This needs to be addressed and looked at. Most of our single mothers are hurting and they need a support system, i hope they are considered. We must target all women in this organization.

  8. As a woman with pride, I would refuse to be apart of, or associated to a fraternity with such a mediocre Acronym!

    As a mother of three amazing, handsome and strong black boys, I am tired of selfish women. Their amazing father and I would really love to hear more about support for our men, as much as we hear about uplifting women!

    • After reading the article – and then the comments – i just KNEW some people (commenters) would be INTIMIDATED by such an organisation being formed. A sure sign of timidity and low self esteem. I applaud Tracey, Nerdine and Cybelle for have the balls (??), no – the Vagina – for forming such an organisation. You see I am looking at the OTHER SIDE of their picture, and I see three young, dynamic, intelligent, amazonic women who want to seize the bull by the horns to get Caribbean women “Identified”!!

      I can’t wait to see what they will bring to the table for all women concerned.

      And for the lowlife who stated they should have husbands … they do!! Just that it’s not you.

    • As a mother of three amazing, handsome and strong black boys, and your amazing husband, I am advocating that you start your own movement to support the young men of our country. Obviously, you seem intelligent and strong enough to “try a t’ing” too.

  9. Agree – very poor choice of acronym, no matter what is actually stands for. It symbolises American inspired aggressiveness, not assertiveness – the latter is what I’m assuming they are trying to instill? However with all things St Lucia – it’s either one thing or the other – EXTREMES, not balance. For a cohesive society, while you do need sisterhood (good luck with that competitive women) there also needs to be a coming together for both (all?) genders to create a cohesive society. There seems to be many programs for young women, middle aged and older women, but not as many programs for males of any age. Look at all the male suicides and gun violence; If you want the men to step up, look out for them too (and use contraception, and stop so many fatherless children being born ie sons without a male parent figure – that might help. BTW I am a women who stands up for womens’ rights but I also believe that should not exclude men.

  10. Stop giving the girls a hard time, they are showing the men of St. Lucia today, they will not be a second class Citizen anymore. But how about this one:-A.S.F.B.S.A.D./ A SISTERHOOD FOR BONDING SUPPORT AND DEVELOPMENT OF WOMEN./ I wish to say to the ladies, I’m very proud of you because the way things have been going in St. Lucia, a lot of us folks have been giving up. Good luck and may the good Lord be with you all and keep praising Him.

  11. This needs a more diverse participation. Look around the room amd you see the so called elitist Tell them to take their movement into the ghettos and undeserved communities. Only then will I have admiration for this.

  12. Hope there is more diversity in the attendance and not those snobbish wanna-be women, who rub shoulders with the so called elitist. Tell them to take their movement into the ghettos or undeserved communities and then you’ll see who they truly are.

  13. What with this name BADASS? The members of this organisation should be ashamed of themselves. Tue use of profanity in a smart way is still profanity and unacceptable.

    From your indecent acronym, no right thinking person should take you serious


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