Saint Lucians In London Celebrate National Day

Press Release:– About 70 people gathered at East Ham Town Hall on Friday, December 13 for the annual event marking the public holiday also known as the “Festival of Lights”.

The atmosphere was joyful as a crowd of people gathered around the steps of the town hall to offer prayers and  sing the national anthem as the flag was raised.

Afterward, the crowd moved indoors to enjoy food and drink, listening to speeches given by a series of distinguished guests, including His Excellency Guy Mayers – the High Commissioner for St Lucia, journalist Aaliyah Harry, Cllr Terry Paul, Pc Tracy Gunn, and event organizer Justin Moore MBE JP.

The event was hosted by the youth organization Greenlight Youth Club and Unity of UK St Lucian Associations (Unity UK), both of which have raised money to put on a number of events for the community.

The High Commissioner praised the “excellent project” and commended the organizers for their work “bringing the St Lucian community together for a common cause”

He added that while a greater focus now falls on Independence Day in February, National Day is still an important national holiday in St Lucia.

He said: “For us, the Christmas season starts from December 13th.”

Also present was the president of Unity UK, Felicia Hippolyte, who said: “Let us continue to show our patriotism to our country and fly the flag with pride.”

Chairman Dr. Benoit Charles told the crowd that the ceremony has grown from year to year: “Showing that the bond between the diaspora is very, very strong.”

Repeating a phrase intended to resonate with many guests, he said: “One heart, two homes.”

Mr. Moore said: “It is a duty to bring people together annually, as a form of diaspora. The community looks forward to it every year.”

Cllr Paul spoke warning words about the impact of the hostile environment on the Windrush generation, urging people from any of the Caribbean Islands, from across boroughs, to contact him for assistance in getting their papers in order.

The ceremony has been supported by Newham Council since 2007.


    • Why are you saying that? What has this gotta do with politics or party in power? The people gathered to celebrate our National day by raising our flag and you are being critical. Where were you? Were you present at the ceremony?
      I would like to pay homage to Justin Moore and his team for putting together this wonderful event which brought so many of our people together. It was so nice to see. The event went well and we all celebrated our national day in London. Bigging up his wife Theresa as well.
      You have done a magnificent job Justin Moore and I think you deserve an accolade for all your hard work. I look forward to next year’s event. Keep on doing what you doing, one day you will be recognized for all your hard and diligent work. Arise, Sir Justin! Arise Lord Justin of Redbridge! Well done Sir.

  1. Well Done Justin Moore. You have made us all proud here in the UK.
    I would have liked to come but I could not as I was busy working – Perhaps next time.
    This is a great event where people come together to meet and to socialise with each other.
    The Flag is hoisted and everyone is happy. It is a proud moment for all St Lucians everywhere.
    I have met Justin and Theresa and they are a golden couple. They have done a lot of the St Lucian community in The UK.Hats off to them!
    I went to this event a few years ago and the food was lovely. The patty and black pudding were out of this world. I met some old friends who I had not seen for years. Everything went well.
    Please keep this event Going, Mr. Moore. You have my support. I will try to take the day off next year to come.
    Well Done and keep our flag rising. Forward ever backward never! Forward with St Lucia. You are doing a marvelous job Mr. Justin Moore- You and your wife Theresa. Keep it up!

  2. Merle, what’s the point that you’re attempting to make? I’m not certain that we’re getting it; please explain.

    From all reports, it appeared that everyone agreed that it was a splendid event and well recognized and supported by the respective London Borough Council. Everyone enjoyed himself/herself. Admittedly, it’d have been preferable if there were a greater number of St. Lucian attendees. But then, it was a normal working day in the UK and a very cold and rainy one, as well. Do note, however, the numbers were still considered to be impressive for the activity.

    Thanks to the organizers.

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