Saint Lucians Invited To Apply For Employment In Canada

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The Department of Labour in collaboration with Vermax Group out of Canada is seeking applications from suitably qualified individuals (male/female) who are desirous of gaining employment in Canada as Industrial Meat Cutters.

Persons submitting applications must be between the ages of 25–45 years old, and must have at least 12 months experience in the meat or poultry processing industry.

Interested persons are asked to visit the offices of the Department of Labour located at Barnard Hill, Castries and at Theodore Street, Vieux Fort during working hours from 8 am to 4:30 pm.

Please walk along with a copy of your resume.

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Source: Department of Labour. Headline photo: Stock image.

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  1. highest employee turnover is in this industry. No one stays there long. So read well all terms and conditions associated with that visa, cause i’m sure it will come with an mandatory period of employment so those who take the offer can’t easily walk away like the others who are free too.

    Good luck, if you take this job you’ll never eat an animal again. Which is in itself a good thing. Personally i think all meat eaters should spend a week in commercial slaughtering and packaging houses.

  2. come on my people take the opportunity, everyone starts some where, getting your foot in the door is the idea. St. Lucia does not have much to offer right now.

  3. I’m an executive chef in the kitchen with 15 years experience I’m glad to work and I’m available for now if you are interested please feel free to email me

    • Hello Good Day!

      I am male age 35 married born and raised Working living in Karachi Pakistan

      I am physically fit computer savvy multi tasking having 15 years experience in running a local polutry farm based on 1 acre land I am specialized in breeding brooding chicks also we slaughter and deliver chicken meat in the market on regular basis I am seeking job opportunity in your respective firm.

      Your feedback will be appreciated thanks!

  4. To the nay sayers of this Job listing I want to ask a question. Do you have personal experience with this? This is why st Lucians and st. Lucia are still so 3rd world. After years of not being offered opportunities like this Canada is finally letting you guys gain not only work experience but an opportunity to gain your permanent residence, which I can guarantee you will elevate your circumstances for the better if you are smart. And you talk about slavery?!?! Yes everywhere in Canada you go apply for a job they sk for a resume. It becomes part of your employee file, even if you are hired with no industry related experience. Canada is littered with Indians from India right now who came to work for 1 year and are now permanent residence and can now move on to do whatever it is that they choose to. Because they took advantage of an opportunity provided to them, biting the bullet to do jobs that was sometimes beneath their qualifications. To those of you who want to take the chance to go, I will encourage you to do so. It may not be a cake walk or a bed of Rose’s like my dad would say, but it WILL give you a stepping stone to help yourself and future generations of your family.

    • @Bee i couldn’t have said it better. Lucians look at this an opportunity to elevate yourself. Foreign not a bed of roses but you have more opportunities a lot more.

      You have to make a decision to: 1 leave Lucia with the full intention of creating a new life in foreign or 2 leave Lucia to go and stalk $$$ and gain skills which you can bring back to Lucia to be your own boss.

      If you choose option 2 you have to be disciplined because as much as there are opportunities there are distractions. if you not focus you’ll end up falling for the capitalist hype

    • visit the offices of the Department of Labour located at Barnard Hill, Castries and at Theodore Street, Vieux Fort during working hours from 8 am to 4:30 pm.

  5. We need to have an open mind and take advantage of opportunities. If you don’t have a job or nothing worthwhile going on give it a try. This is nothing like slavery.

  6. That’s the kind of jobs the department of labour is offering to its citizens. They cannot get any better jobs? No wonder we cannot get out of our slavery mentality because either our own people do not know better or consider us as slaves. And we accept it because our own treat us as gutter class. What’s the point of going to university in the first place and boast we have two noble laureates when these are the types of employment we can negotiate for our people to get. What a shame.

    • It is t easy for foreigners to apply for high paying jobs in these countries, without that country’s qualifications or permits.

      The jobs being offered to our citizens are the ones which are difficult to fill in by their citizenry. As low and ridiculous as it may seem to you, there are a few persons who have been able to use their experience and saved funds to start their own businesses down here.

  7. Don’t buy what they sell. Spend your time being chicken plucker. Lose that low paying job. Get handed a tin cup to stand on corner begging nickels. No way to get successful in life. Better to stay in St. Lucia and “cuck” de tourist white biatches, on the beach. They taste better than de chickens.

  8. APPLES PEARS & PEACHES: Some Corn & Potato too – how about ages 30 – 50 no such experience, for 6 summer months to earn some Canadian $, to give thanks to the Lord

  9. This is so Full of Shit! Resume to Chop Meat and to Slaughter Chicken, bunch of NONSENSE. Canadian Employers Doesn’t ask for work experience and resume for these kind of low paying jobs. 2-3weeks training and you good to GO.

  10. Ha ha we really appreciate it, but all our experience has been KFC, Mc Donald etc at 25 – 45 we can adapt, so thank you. Not all our girls know anything about meat cutting, so how about taking them anyway. Thank you and much appreciate it. wow, its true our dear Lord is good.


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