Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Saint Lucians Jailed In Martinique On Drug Charges

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A Saint Lucian crew aboard a vessel intercepted at sea by the French patrol boat La Combattante has been sentenced to two years in jail on drugs charges.

Local reports did not specify the number of crew members.

But they indicated that between last Friday night and Saturday morning, the French patrol boat intercepted a fishing vessel South of Martinique suspected of engaging in drug trafficking and discovered bales of cannabis floating near it.

The French patrol boat crew recovered eight kilos of cannabis, weapons and ammunition.

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The Saint Lucians on board the fishing vessel were taken into custody and handed over to the Caribbean branch of the Anti-Narcotics Office (OFAST) in the Martinique capital Fort de France and later received a two-year jail sentence.

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    • @Valdimir Putin how or what makes you think and say it’s coming from Martinique? The authorities intercepted the boat and found drugs, ammunition and guns floating in bails. These weren’t on their way to St.Lucia but on the way to Martinique. Because of St.Lucia’s close proximity to Martinique it’s the clear transshipment hub. Cocaine comes here and goes to Martinique for sale and further movement to Europe and Marijuana is grown here or brought in here for further movement to Martinique. The troubling thing now is the guns before it use to be guns coming from Martinique but now it seems we have a full armory here that we are now exporting to Martinique. Where are our guns coming from? Who are the bosses sending these guns out? And most importantly why is this business of gun selling has changed it’s traditional routes? Next time Mr.Putin read to understand and think rationally and logically.

  1. Now then relax, the reporting is just as bad as the Laws in St. Lucia. You see how fast that Case got to Court in Martinique – the only thing is, they got away with only two years – in St. Lucia – Bail…I would like on arrival in St. Lucia, an additional two years for trafficking Drugs Guns and Ammunition in and out of St. Lucia.

  2. so now yall see how the drugs and especially the guns coming into saint lucia and all they have to do is pass in vieux fort, thats why they have so many guns in their music videos

  3. SNT u need to do better news reporting than this. This article has no information and as such is seen as irrelevant. This article is regarded as ‘no news’!

  4. Only two years? That’s not enough for guns and ammunition…. 2 years go by quickly.
    BTW who are they… Faces names etc…. Protect the public

  5. Dont publish this useless article next time! To be impactful and to assist the war on drugs….names must be shared with the public. That is why crime will prevail….

  6. Is that news.???????? Give their names ..address….etc… Their families will be saying that they are working in Martinque

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