Saint Lucians survive mishap at sea

La Croix Maingot resident, Adrian Sonny and two companions are safe, after a mishap at sea.

Sonny arrived back home on Saturday.

He  told the Times that he and two other men were returning to Saint Lucia from a trip to Martinique where they had bought groceries,  when a wave hit their pirogue and it began taking in water.

He recalled that the vessel, which was powered by a 200 horse power engine, overturned.

As a result, Sonny said he and his companions spent two days on the water.

“It was a little scary but I am a brave person, so I just prayed to God and then I stayed on the water,” he stated.

According to Sonny. the vessel left for Martinique on July 13 with the intention of returning on July 19, 2016.

He disclosed that after the boat overturned, it  began raining and he tried to swim to shore to get help.

Sonny told the Times that while he was swimming, a French helicopter rescued him and took him to Martinique where he was tended to at hospital.

He said he had no injuries except sore muscles since he swam a lot – ten miles by his estimation, before he was rescued.

Sonnny explained that the others, who were on top of the overturned boat, were rescued by a passing oil vessel.

The La Croix Maingot resident disclosed that although they had put out to sea with basic safety equipment, it was lost when the boat overturned.