Friday, September 30, 2022

Saint Lucians To Pay More For Gasoline, Diesel And LPG

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The Public is hereby notified that in keeping with changes in international oil prices and Government’s application of the modified market pass-through petroleum pricing mechanism, the retail price of gasoline, diesel, LPG 20, 22 and 100 lb cylinders has changed.

The retail price of kerosene remains unchanged. The price changes take effect from Monday, April 11, 2022.

  • GASOLINE increased from $3.29 to $3.51 per litre or from $14.95 to $15.95 per gallon
  • Kerosene remains unchanged at $2.33 per litre or $10.57 per gallon
  • Diesel increased from $3.29 to $3.51 per litre or from $14.95 to $15.95 per gallon
  • 20 Pound Cylinder (9.07 kg) increased from $35.46 to $39.81 per cylinder
  • 22 Pound Cylinder (9.98 kg) increased from $39.01to $43.79 per cylinder
  • 100 Pound Cylinder (45.36kg) increased from $266.43 to $309.89 per cylinder

The Public is informed that the next adjustment of the retail price of fuel products will be on Monday, May 2, 2022.

Source: Ministry of Commerce

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Big oil companies make record profits this year ~ $100x billions profit this year ~We all donkeys in this game

  2. Yes he did sign but through all the gas prices has rise people have to work harder than ever now best he reconsider

  3. The prime minister needs to back off and speak the truth. Stop complaining and act. U sign the increase now u complaining. Mercy lord. Im tired of this nonesense. Help the people to survive. U in office and its time to work. Make a change. Put ppl first

  4. I am going to live in one of the 23 islands Chastaner built in VF so I will not have to pay for gas. That is next to former El Pirata.

  5. Feels like highway robbery! How can any Lucian of modest means be able to budget with this price increase madness? Who can find an extra $40 just to buy cooking gas? The Government needs to put measures in place to subsidize consumer goods! There is no way consumers can stay afloat if the Government does not do something to cushion these out-of-control price hikes!!! How much more can consumers be expected to tighten their belts?

    • They can’t. That’s the point. You will own nothing and you will be happy. They are trying to bankrupt the masses to make them totally dependent on whatever BS they trying to implement. We tried to warn y’all that covid was a pretext to do it. But no y’all believed politicians that had a history of lying to the masses. This is the result of y’all stupidity.

  6. I was watching ABC news this morning and noticed that gas prices were dropping by a few cents at the pumps in the States. From $2.99 to $2.95 and from $3.09 to $3.03. I also noticed that the price of a barrel of oil has not increased drastically before the war and into the war, it has remained between $102 and $110 a barrel so why these hefty increases?
    Sad to say the persons buying 100lbs cylinders are the hardest hit and to make matters worse the gas last a lot less than it used to. I don’t think the customers are getting value for money.

    • you want to know why? Because that little black boy keeps saying he cares but clearly you can see he does not care.

    • Actually now it is already at pre war levels. And steadily dropping. So there is no rationale behind this except greed. For the people who rushed out to buy several tanks of gas, chances are you will lose out on that bet. Oil drops to below 80 by the end of the week.

    • I totally agree that the 100lb cylinder consumers suffer the most. Sometime aback I commented on the last 3 increases on LPG prices and a number of SLP hacks tried calling me a Chastenet clown or house slave, but it is clear for everyone to see. The 20lb went up by about $4.00, 5 20lb cylinders make a 100lb yet it went up by almost $50.00. Where is the justice for these consumers?

  7. all those politicians are playing a successful game at recruiting a set of monkeys to be supporting them. both parties make promises in opposition and act differently in power. now there is that crisis , the Science bring down the gass. lol lol

  8. Yesterday when Chastanet announced that price increases for fuel were coming everyone jumped on his back calling him a liar. Well, isnt that what we have today? We St Lucians are so downright stupid. The same way we turned our backs on $75,000 a year per person for health care in favour of SLP promises of $1,500 stimulus that have not been honoured to this day,. Fools. Pay the damn fuel prices.

  9. Who’s notifying the public…youths open y’all eyes with all these hike in prices nothing for us after we already out of a job…don’t be politically blind fuxk slp.

  10. This is where we all are wrong for waiiting on mere man for answers. They cant help these things are foretold. Nothing man can do to stop it.

  11. What a fantastic job PM drive your population more in to Poverty. Look goods will increase again. Look out for the increase of more crime.

  12. @Monk. Shut your snout. Allen had all the answers but he #%%#ed it all up during his “majestic reign”. You forget it was he who promised he was going to remove the mysterious $5 the SLP administration had placed on gas? It was “his majesty” Allen who said that he had the document on his desk and as soon as he was back in his office he was going to sign it? Instead what did the wizard do? He added a $2 tax on fuel “for roads”. Now, he has all the answers . . . so much so, he is on media trying to be relevant. Get the &^%$ out of here.

    • @ The crow you should be a-shame of yourself for coming here and blaming Allen, your little black boy had all the answers in opposition and had us to vote. Stop the damn winning and do what we put him to do, but it look like the kitchen fire is inevitably too hot for him, so if your little black boy can’t perform and work as a man, rest assured he’ll soon be out like we did Allen.

    • @ Crow you get the &^%$ out of here, you &^%$ing troll and damn idiot. Everyone has a right to their opinion and so is @monk. All humans are blessed with the same body parts except the what distinguishes us as male or female, so if @monk has a snout, you have the same and you know what that makes you.

    • Chas spoke about the hike but some slp fools said that was a lie…this country will not go forward with this slp administration the truth alone can set st Lucia free from they evil and lies…youths open y’all eyes think about your future and where you want to be in life, those slp hacks well off pention and all but still getting big positions under this administration fuck SLP

  13. Wow. Put Putin first. Chakcoal here I come, I am looking for a donkey or horse. PJP I Thought you had all the answers …

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