Saint Lucians Urged To Avoid Listening To ‘Negatives About Vaccination’

Saint Lucia’s Principal Nursing Officer has called on citizens to avoid paying attention to negative talk about vaccinations, as the Ministry of Health ended Vaccination Week.

Alicia Baptiste also called on parents to play an important role in supporting vaccination.  

“Saint Lucians need to avoid listening to all the negatives about vaccination and understand that vaccination is important and that we need to vaccinate ourselves and also our children to again have a healthy nation,” Baptiste asserted.

“You want your children vaccinated to prevent them from acquiring diseases that would of course cause them to either get sick or the worse scenario – to die,” she stated.

Vaccination week activities culminated with a health fair on the Dennery Police Station grounds, promoting the importance of vaccination and health living.

The week was celebrated under the theme, “Protect your community, everyone do your part.”

Just this week the cruise ship ‘Freewinds’ requested and was supplied with 100 doses of anti-measles vaccines by local health officials, after being quarantined here due to a confirmed case of measles on board.

No one was allowed to disembark.

The vessel, which has since left Saint Lucia, arrived in Port Castries on Tuesday.

Three-hundred people are thought to have been on-board the affected cruise ship.

Saint Lucia’s  Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Merlene Fredericks-James has urged people to get vaccinated and ensure that their children obtain the necessary measles vaccines as well.

This year, the U.S. has reported its highest number of measles cases in 25 years.



  1. Encouraging the population to be positive about receiving certain vaccinations is a good thing, but should not end there, the Ministry of Health needs to build trust, by being honest with their research into the contents of those vaccinations, since certain vaccinations are being used by Big Pharma, and those who harbor pecuniary interests in separating the weak from those who are resistant in their biological and genetic structure, which can leave the weak vulnerable and exposed to the side effects that cab be a greater threat than the perceived need to acquire preventative steps of protection against a known condition. Many times these Government are being used by Multinational and Global Organizations to undermine the demographics of groups of people, using Bio- warfare. Hence the people grow wary of such questionable vaccinations. The general population are ignorant of the Chemical contents and effects of such within the carrying agent of such vaccination, which they then have to rely of the Medical experts and professionals within their jurisdiction for such knowledge. A Government must be held for their responsibility to its people, and not be a puppet to those Special interest groups, but I guess the old rule still prevails, those who pays the Piper calls the tune. So to the people I say Beware. Live healthy, Eat Healthy, practice safe Hygiene, and Use Natural supplements to boost your immune system, and you will be safe.

    • I totally agree to your statements. Let me add that reading and evidence based conclusions are always the best way forward. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that serious allergic reactions to the vaccine occur in about one in a million doses. However, other severe side effects include deafness, long-term seizures, coma, lowered consciousness, permanent brain damage, and death. My question to the MOH is are you being paid to give out these vaccinations.

  2. Why this move ALL over the world to vaccinate people? Are you all blind? Why take ‘vaccines’, whatever the heck that is, for diseases that have been almost eradicated? why expose yourself to a pathogen you may never encounter in life? Do you know what is in those vaccines? Haven’t you noticed that since vaccinations started we have had all kinds of funny new diseases? I tell you this EAT well, SLEEP well, EXERCISE and keep your mind on positive things!!!! Don’t put things in your body that you have NO control over!!

    • Stay woke people. Question everything. Do research for your enlightenment, and that of those you care about. Be your brother’s keeper. Don’t believe the hype blindly. Find out about the link between the Eugenics Movement and Vaccines. Find out about the content of these vaccines, and their effect on the body. Don’t take any one opinion as gospel… Research. Research. Research. Then decide for yourself whether you want to participate in the process. (Sounds fair to me)

  3. yes go and die of NEARLY eradicated diseases! Too many people on earth anyway better to only have bright ones in the future! No room for dummies:-)

  4. Japan stopped using the MMR vaccine seven years ago – virtually the only developed nation to turn its back on the jab. Government health chiefs claim a four-year experiment with it has had serious financial and human costs. Kindly do your home work

  5. You all are aware of the dangerous side effects of these vaccines. Why dont you experiment on your selves first? The number of children who became austistic after taking vaccines is alarming. So why not stop this insanity?

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